14 Classy Dog-Inspired Items For Human Paws

Written by: Stephanie Valente

July 18, 2015

We loves our dogs and we also love to dress well. If you’re a classy dog owner, here are some fashionable finds that show off your big hearted puppy love on human feet, while preening you for the next issue of Dogue.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Neville Loafer ($238)

These black and white flats are puppin’ cute but super classy with its black and white style. Perfect for day or night ensembles.

neville loafer marc jacobs

2. BucketFeet The Perfect Gentleman Slip-On ($68)

Nothing says class like Frenchies and bow ties.

frenchie vans

3. Bark Shop Corgi Paw Socks ($8)

Because everyone wants Corgi paws for a day.

corgi socks

4. Living Royal Puppy Ankle Socks ($8)

Keep your Frenchie love on your toes!

puppy ankle socks

5. Paul Simmons Greyhound Ankle Bracelet ($20.64)

With a resurgence of anklets in jewelry trends, the Greyhound is a sweet but elegant touch.

greyhound ankle bracelet

6. Callie Michelle Art Hand Painted Dauchshund Slip-Ons ($35+)

I’m a sucker for a comfy-but-stylish slip-on sneaker. This Dachshund number takes the cake!

doxie vans

7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Shorty Dog Suede Slipper ($228)

Marc Jacobs has my number with these pawdorable flats. How cute are the heart shaped eyes?

marc jacobs flats

8. Modcloth Pug It Out Socks ($5.99)

An outfit would not be complete with out some puggly sweet knee high socks. These would look classy and cool with a pleated skirt or a skater style dress.

pug knee high socks

9. Vans X ASPCA Slip-ON ($55)

These sneakers are so fresh and we’ve posted about these kicks before, because they’re so good and promote awareness for animal rights.

vans aspca slip ons

10. Giftin For Fifteen Ting Dog Ankle Bracelet ($22.95)

Calling all delicate jewelry lovers! This darling silver anklet is perfect for those with dainty tastes.

dog silver anklet

11. Mandarina Shoes Dachshund Print Linen Flats ($150.86)

If Audrey Hepburn wore flats with little Doxies on them, I’m pretty sure she’d own it in full force with these ballet flats.

doxie ballet flats

12. Living Royal Galaxy Puppy Socks ($12)

If there’s something missing from life, it’s these socks that will make me feel like I’m on a celestial adventure of magnificent dog proportions.

galaxy puppy socks

13. Joules Dog Print Wellies, ($69)

I seriously can’t wait to run through the rain in these babies.


14. BYMBOW Cases Watercolor Dog Print Sneakers ($62.17+)

Let’s end this journey on a high note. Your kicks will be the epic awesome sauce with these larger than life watercolor dog faces. Talk about being the high end of classy and making everyone else at the dog park ten shades of jealous.

water color dog faces sneakers

Featured images via Marc Jacobs via Revolve Clothing and BucketFeet

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Written by: Stephanie Valente

July 18, 2015

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