Pool Floats For Dogs Are A Thing, And They’re Making Summer Epic

You know that one recurring daydream all dog lovers have? Where you're belly-up on a raft in clear blue pool water, barely moving, with your dog beside you on their very own doggo-sized float? Don't even lie. YOUR DREAM HAS COME TRUE, DOG PERSON. BARK teamed up with the float experts at FUNBOY to engineer the raddest pool floats specifically designed for you and your dog. The pink Retro Dog Convertible has us reminiscing about drive-ins and breezy cruises down the highway, but slow is the way to go in this beaut. She's not a gas-guzzler, either. If your desire for the finer things in life isn't satisfied, take a look at the epic streamlined Dog Yacht. It's luxuriousness makes up for that fact that it, too, will not move faster than a leaf in a warm gust of wind. But we're not here for speed. When paired with the matching human-sized counterparts, dogs and their people will be twinning hard for the ultimate poolside photo op, and we are SO here for it. These floats feature puncture-resistant vinyl to keep the fun from deflating, and have reinforced front compartments to stow treats, toys, or ice for chilled drinks on hot days. Water-lovin' pups can laze away the summer days in style, warming sunscreened bellies and letting tongues hang any which-way. There's nothing quite like sharing these moments with the four-legged family members who make our lives better. So don your shades, kick back, and enjoy the water---in a miniature inflatable yacht, preferably. We're making summers to remember (as long as no one pees in the pool). Shop both styles in human-and dog-sizes at!

Samantha Erb

4 years ago

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