The Top 8 Breeds Summer Could Potentially Kill

I'll spare you the "dog days of Summer" pun and get to the point. Some breeds must be extra careful in the hotter months. Here are a few. 1. Chinese Crested ChineseCrestedHairlessJewelsImportedJapaneseAmericanChampionVanitoniaMonkeyBusinessAOMSOM These beauties have exposed skin that will be exposed to more harmful UV rays. Use doggy sunscreen! Yep, it's a thing. 2. Xoloitzcuintli xoloitzcuintli2 Another hairless breed that can benefit from sunscreen! 3. Bulldogs bulldog life jacket Unfortunately, this kind of barrel won't float. The stout Bulldog body can sink quickly, so they should wear life jackets if they go into the water. 4. Australian Shepherd example_of_blue_eyes_in_merles Their beautiful light-colored eyes are more sensitive to light, so make sure they get plenty of shade and not too much bright sun exposure. 5. Pugs jenny pug BxqKh-zCQAAsCid Their smaller airways make it difficult for them to breathe out hot air, so if you notice your squoosh face struggling to breathe, get her to a cool spot! 6. Maltese maltese pool Though the fluffballs can be decent swimmers, they can easily become scared or cold in the water, so monitor them in a pool or kiddie pool instead of deep, open waters. 7. Malamute malamute summer Malamutes originated in a cold climate, but it is possible to keep them comfortable in summer by making sure they get enough time in front of the air conditioner! Avoid strenuous exercise in midday heat, and be aware that darker-colored dogs will absorb more heat. 8. Puppies and Seniors old-dog-end-of-life-Lap-of-Love-Dr Like humans, babies and the elderly are more susceptible to harsh conditions, or contagious illnesses. Make sure these pups are hydrated and kept out of extreme heat; they might not be able to bounce back as easily as adult dogs. All dog's paws can risk burns from a hot sidewalk, but especially dainty puppy tootsies!
Featured image via The Bulldog Information Library

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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