15 Dogs Celebrating Galentine’s Day Because Who Needs A Man?

Are you all, "Psssht, Valentine's Day is a commercially manufactured holiday for basics and I'm not bitter and lonely at all what are you talking about OMG PASS THE CANDY"? Um, me either. That said, Galentine's Day (February 13) is the best day ever! These pups are celebrating VD Eve by celebrating friendship with their best bitches. Get inspired for your own lady-hang, whether it's with your furry females or your human homegirls. 1. Spa Day Go ahead and get all wet and steamy. pawpalace 2. Booze Duh. fosterdogsnyc 3. Vacay! Hit the beach with your beeyotches. rocket_the_vizsla 4. Get to work. Might as well get paid for something most dogs give away for free. #empowered lilmandarae [bp_related_article] 5. Eat all the candy *obviously not the chocolate thatpugglecoco 6. Go get a rub down. Couple's massages aren't just for lovers. blue.official 7. Go outside... Go for a pack walk in the great outdoors with your fellow Nature Dogdesses. thepetwhisperers 8. Or stay inside. Netflix and chicks! affenandthegriffs 9. Sexy photoshoot... Get all dolled up and cute FOR YOUR DAMN SELF. divadogdaisy 10. Buy each other flowers. Bonus points if you dig them up from the backyard. islandspaw 11. Shopping spree! The besties that shop together um...drop together? Wait, that sounds weird. clxqqqqqqq 12. Craft night! Whip up some silly accessories for going out on the town. #ladiesnight bestbullysticks 13. MOAR BOOZE! brandonlove31 14. Go out dancing. THE CLUB AIN'T READY! elvinaky 15. And end the night with a sleepover pawty. maltese_puppy_teddy
Featured image via Pet of the Day; Leslie Knope via Wikia

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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