15 Senior Dogs Dropping Words Of Wisdom Like Only The Elderly Can

The elderly are an endless font of wisdom. Here are some senior fluffbutts with some advice for all you whippersnappers. 1. Uh, can dogs eat lemons? lemondog 2. Age ain't nothin... birthday-dogs 3. ::hair of the dog joke:: grey-hair-dog 4. But, you know, dental hygiene is very important and whatnot. pug-teeth 5. "Watch out where the Huskies go..." yellow-snow-dog 6. A thick layer of ointment and socks will prevent your tootsies from getting too...ruff. moisturize-lab-dog 7. Let me ride! FullSizeRender (5) 8. Well, hello there. dog-hot-guy-lab 9. Because tomorrow, your metabolism slows down. burgerchi 10. Climb every mountain, lil' pupper! dirty-muddy-pom 11. "When I was your age, dogs didn't wear shoes!" dog-shoes-chi 12. Pick of the litter? beagle-with-puppy 13. Stay in skool! golden-grad 14. Think outside the bowl. dishwasher-puggle 15. Is that Petsey Johnson? dress-chihuahua
Featured image via imgur

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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