16 Dorkies Who Are Total Dorks

What do you get when you cross a Dachshund with a Yorkshire Terrier? Bratwurst pudding? Nope...a DORKIE. Doxie + Yorkie = Dorkie! What’s dorkier than my dad jokes? These Dorkies! 1. Turtlenecks: 87% of the time = dorky. hamish 2. Is a love of superheroes nerdy, geeky, or dorky? In this situation, it's decidedly Dorkie. shoeguy76 3. Same question above, but for Star Wars. The dork is strong with this Dorkie. spazzarella 4. Leg warmers are a must for the Flashdancing Dorkie. abbyinnashville 5. Who can resist an a-dork-able Dorkie and stuffed buddy duo? NOBODY. tltomson 6. Dorkies are just so snappable. We promise we're laughing *with* you. lolathedorkieyorkie 7. Running joyfully through a field with absolutely no concern for looking cool. ash_suzanne 8. Cats aren't nearly as hip as they think they are. Pretending to be a cat? Dork territory. Imnotsoscene 9. Dorkies can often be seen with a tiny tip of tongue hanging out. dorkie 10. Some people might think your unconventional "ear 'do" is dorky but you know you're fabulous. halebarry 11. Lots of grin, zero chill. lennythedorkie 12. If the front-facing camera actually makes you look pretty might be a Dorkie. kmanente 13. When it's time to get busy but you have absolutely no idea how to proceed... drosethedorkie 14. Honestly, what dog ISN'T a dork for peanut butter? rascalandruger 15. "Hello...Dork-ie." mia_1pup 16. You might be Dorkie, but you've got a confidence that can't be rivaled. remingtonthethird
Keep doin' you, Dorkies!
Featured image via @dorkie_jax/Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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