4 Tips For The Health-Conscious Pup Parent In Search Of Wholesome Treats

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

October 7, 2015

The phrase “healthy snacks” just sounds too good to be true, but is it really? When it comes to your pup, healthy snacks are easy to prepare—mostly because they’ll eat anything. But if your dog will eat anything, why not feed them something healthy?

Here are 4 tips for the health-conscience pup parent:

1. Read the ingredients list!

Just like human food, it’s a good idea to avoid any ingredients you can’t pronounce or identify.


2. Choose natural ingredients.

Whole grains and single-source proteins are ideal. Bonus points for organic or sustainably-raised ingredients.


3. Seek out treats with added benefits.

…based on your pup’s particular health or dietary needs. Joint or hip issues? Look for products with glucosamine. Treats that contain salmon or sweet potato are good for pups with skin conditions.


4. Fresh produce is always a good idea.

Just make sure there aren’t any toxic foods in the mix.


In this quick video, Katie Ehmke from the Woof Gang Bakery in Savannah, Georgia shares four easy ways to make sure you’re giving your dog the healthiest treats available.

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Written by: Claire Beaudreault

October 7, 2015