11 Reasons Fostering A Dog Is Your Answer To Every Problem

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

June 2, 2010

We are proud to spread awareness about the joy of fostering with our pals Best Friends Animal Society and Toast Meets World! Best Friends NY is looking for pawtential foster parents for pups in the Tri-state area. Find out how you can help here!

When Best Friends Animal Society began, 17 million animals died every year in shelters across our country. Today that number is down to 4 million. And while there’s been progress, we still have a long way to go. Between the time they come to the shelter and find their furever homes, rescue pups need a special human to care for them. Here are some reasons to foster a rescue pup!

1. Get rid of your annoying roommate.

Is your roommate allergic to dogs? Are you allergic to your roommate? Replace them with a foster dog! And it won’t be weird if you cuddle while watching TV. #DogBlessYou

Romeo roommate dog girl

2. Dogs make excellent wingmen/women.

We all know that cliché about attracting sexy strangers while walking or carrying a dog. Take on a foster and put this theory to the test!

101 meetcute dalmatians flirt disney

3. Get your mother-in-law off your back about giving her a grandkid.

She can dote on the foster granddog! Pro tip: Get a smaller breed so she can satisfy the urge to shop for tiny clothing.

dog grandma

4. Test drive a dog.

AKA “the Rent-to-Own.” See if you’re cut out for the responsibility of pup parenthood. Try out different breeds, sizes, and ages to see what types of dog will complement your lifestyle.


5. Test drive your kids.

Kids begging you for a dog? See if your pack is ready for the reality of adding a furry new family member.


6. Volunteer work looks good on your resume.

Potential employers like to see volunteer work on your CV. Pupdate your LinkedIn page with this experience and open up your job opportunities.

dog job interview

7. Sometimes you get a cool t-shirt.

For free!

shirts2 dog volunteer

8. Relieve your loneliness.

Ease your existential angst.

danielle radcliffe harry potter walking dogs

9. Too many leftovers, not enough fridge space.

Just think of them as your diet coach with fur! #NoSnackLeftBehind

dog leftovers

10. You always leave work early because you say you have to “go walk your dog”…

…but now you’re having a housewarming party and all of your coworkers are coming over and they will probably want to see your dog.Pawkward!


11. Paying it forward

Provide a loving temporary (and pawssibly furever) home for a homeless dog. Support your local rescue organization by volunteering your time, home, and energy. Make a friend for life. By becoming a foster with Best Friends Animal Society, you can do your part to help make New York City the largest No-Kill City in the world.


Featured image via @toastmeetsworld

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Written by: Claire Beaudreault

June 2, 2010

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