20 Pictures People With Heavy Shedding Dogs Know All Too Well

Hair everywhere? Ain't nobody got time for that. 1. When your Roomba tries to get at the source of the problem. dog-roomba 2. The bane of your existence. These are enough lint rollers to last you, hmm, a week? tumblr_nn4v70UXoV1tqoa9so1_500 3. Brush one dog, get one free! tumblr_nukhcnKf2H1rj9pzho1_500 4. Walking into your apartment like: doghair3 5. What your trash can looks like after every grooming session. You call it the "trash toupee." tumblr_n3kajvVLod1rsnl9ro1_1280 6. And that monstrosity you fish out of the lint catcher after every load of laundry? The "lint muff." tumblr_inline_n5vl8iw7e91qjz4gb  7. Your memory of clean floors is as distant as your relationship with your in-laws. eureka-airspeed-allfloors-vacuum-07 8. But at least those fur-covered floors keep your feet nice and toasty during the winter months. doghair6 9. You try cleaning it up, but what's the point? doghair5 10. Making dog-shaped furballs from your dog's fur is now your everyday hobby. CSf_mkZWsAQM6xx 11. In fact, your dog's hair has awakened your creative side in ways you didn't imagine. doghair2 Your Etsy customers have no idea your handmade bracelets are not made out of "organic wool." doghair-6 12. You're trying to make fur-covered pants a fashion accessory. Who knows? Maybe it'll catch on. dog-hair-on-pants It could happen. People did wear harem pants once. Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.00.35 PM 13. The worst way to wake up? Having to spit dog hair out of your mouth. dog-sleeping-on-face-article 14. And you've probably drank more dog hairs than you'd like to admit. doghair8 15. You know your dog sheds too much when said dog hair accumulates... on your dog.  IMG_1047 16. When your dog's hair gets everywhere so your mom has to vacuum you. CQgDRwsWsAA7jZ7 17. You never drive anywhere without laying down some protection for your car. BssuQQwIUAAMUxS Otherwise, your car looks like this: BLJIjFHCAAEGXkW 18. Walking around your house and prop your feet up on the coffee table like: BVwrSymIMAAyXVA 19. Your dog has claimed more blankets with his fur than you can count. His face says, "And I farted on it too." doghair7 20. But behold, your dog's nemesis! Your fur is no match....until next week. doghair4

Featured image via @jenny.lund

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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