16 Ways To Spoil Your Dog With Your Tax Refund

Written by: Emily Wang

April 14, 2016

Hallelujah, money in the bank! We know the first thing you’re going to do with that cash is spend it on the best thing that’s ever happened to you – your four-legged best friend.

1. Order them a doggy massage.

Yes, it’s true! Doggy masseuses and animal acupuncturists exist. Give the ultimate gift of relaxation to your pup (and maybe get one for yourself, too!).

2. Take them on a shopping spree.

It’s about time you paid the local boutique pet store a visit. A $20 toy? Ain’t no thang!

3. Get them a package at doggy daycare.

What’s better than hours of playtime with a packs of friends? A great way to get them fun and exercise… and get YOU a tired, happy dog.

4. Get a food dehydrator.

So you can make them delicious treats and chews – on demand.

5. Throw a puppy pool party.

Take them to a doggy swimming pool and invite a bunch of four-legged friends for a day of splashing good fun.

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6. Splurge on tons and tons of treats!

The BarkShop has tons of great munchies that you can stock up on. It’d just be embarrassing if the treat jar went empty at a time like this, wouldn’t you say?

7. Get them a new puzzle toy.

Dogs are the happiest when they get to use their brains. Grab this BUSTER ActivityMat to keep them entertained for hours!

8. Upgrade their dog bed.

Frumpy flat bed no more. Support that furry back with a more luxurious and intelligently designed space that your pup will actually want to sleep in!

9. Take them on a gourmet pet dining experience.

Scout out one of those fantastic restaurants that offer a doggy menu, and take them for the most special dining experience of their lives.

10. Get them a bedroom ramp.

You know they’re going to want to cuddle with you – why not make their life a little easier with this stylish and functional ramp to help them on to the bed? Fresh American has a great one, the WAMP. Stylish AND functional!

11. Invest in an ergonomic dog harness.

Make those daily walks a little more enjoyable for you and your dog. BrilliantK9 has a great selection of intelligently designed gear!

12. Get them a fancy canine treadmill.

So they can work out to their heart’s content. A perfect alternative to cold or inclement weather, or for dogs who prefer not to socialize with other pups. There are quite a few varieties out there, but here’s a good one to check out for starters!

13. Make pawdicures easier with a Dremel.

Those routine nail trimmings can be some of the most stressful times for your pup. Pamper your pooch and get those nails beautiful with ease using this nifty electric file.

14. Buy them a doggy stroller.

Nothing says spoiled more than being pushed around by hoomom after a long and tiring walk, right?

15. Get them a carrier to sit in.

So they can go with you wherever you go, duh! That’s truly the ultimate dream of any dog, right? Ruffit has some neatly designed ones you can check out.

16. Update that BarkBox subscription! 

Have you checked on your subscription? When does it end? Does it have all of the necessary customizations to keep your pup’s tail wagging?


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Written by: Emily Wang

April 14, 2016

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.