14 Things That Suck About Being A Dog Person

Written by: Emily Wang

August 17, 2015

Everything comes with its pros and cons, and being a dog owner does have its downsides at times.

1. Your bed is no longer your bed.


It really belongs to your dog. You can have the extra space at the foot of the bed.

2. Your paycheck really goes towards stuff for your dog, not you.


Your hard-earned money doesn’t buy you much. It really goes towards funding puppy classes, food, toys, accessories, grooming, and whatever else your dog wants or needs.

3. Poop.


Smelling poop. Picking up poop. Tummy problems. Do we need to go on?

4. You always have to talk to people on the street who think your dog is cute.


What is the proper response to, “OH MY GODDDD – your dog is SOOO cute!” anyway?

5. You can’t really have nice things anymore.


The risk of having that gorgeous white flokati rug destroyed is just too high. Maybe you should just buy furniture off Craigslist.

6. There’s no such thing as “nice quiet alone time” anymore. 


Seriously, you won’t even be able to go to the bathroom by yourself once you have a dog. Ever want a permanent shadow? You’ve got it.

7. You can’t make travel plans on a whim anymore.


Forget about those spontaneous weekend trips. Boarding your pup (or taking them with you) usually takes a little bit more planning.

8. Hair. Hair everywhere.


Hair on your clothes, your car, your furniture, your food. Everywhere.

9. Being a professional couch potato is no longer an option.


Those daily walks will really take a toll on you.

10. You can forget about sleeping in on the weekends.


Say hello to your personal alarm clock that licks you awake at 6am on a Sunday.

11. The realization that your dog has more friends or fans than you do.


Especially if your dog has its own social media profile. This can be a cold hard stab to your heart.

12. Wintertime potty breaks.


Nothing worse than stepping out into 3 feet of snow at 5am and waiting for your dog to do his business.

13. Pet deposits. 


Apparently landlords think that you should be charged for having a four-legged companion, just in case they do anything bad. Which they would never, right?

14. You can never have just one. 


As if having one dog wasn’t bad enough, those irresistible puppy dog eyes begging for a playmate will always get to you. And then you’re back in the cycle of things that suck about having a dog … again. And again.

Seriously, being a dog person is just the worst, isn’t it? 😉


Featured image via @leslie_mosier

Written by: Emily Wang

August 17, 2015