17 Dogs Who Just Used Thanksgiving To Warm Up For Christmas Dinner

Post-Thanksgiving food coma is really a thing. We're getting sleepy just thinking about all the delicious food that we ate during the glorious holiday. But for the pups below, that late-November turkey binge is just fall training for the main winter event. Let's see how they fared! 1. Check out the food baby on this pup. Or is that a beer belly? classyaspup 2. It appears that turkey isn't the only thing that will have you upside-down this holiday season. whitakers_wildadventures 3. One empty bowl later... otimus_prime_ 4. This guy is still trucking away at those treats. Don't give up now! thiswildyouth 5. This is how rock stars pass out after their annual Thanksgiving meal. celi5 6. An appropriate yawn follows the devouring of the food on that plate. branstonandtwiglet 7. Messy eater? Have no shame. After all, it is a day to feast. thecorgiadventuresof_foxylady 8. No kibble left behind! Come on, little one, you can do it. scrappythedoxie 9. Don't let that bulldog frown fool you. We're sure this pup's tummy is happy as one can be. operation_sumo 10. Don't stare. It's totally normal to fall asleep while eating at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. montethemaltese 11. The definition of "ptfo."   bradythecorgi 12. A doggy-appropriate Thanksgiving meal and post-Thanksgiving nap. hawkeye04 13. That face you make when you look back at the last 45 minutes and think about how much food you REALLY ate. bigchunkymonkey 14. When grandma plops your sixth turkey leg onto your plate and you don't know if you'll survive eating it. macjonesthebulldog 15. The saying goes, you are what you eat. daisygordita   16. Who says you can't fill a box of food with even more food? #OvereatingPro rocket_the_dachshund 17. Stare down. Dog vs. food - who will win today?  indie_daniel
Featured image via @justjessethejack

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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