17 Halloween Dog Shaming Pictures To Make You Feel Better About Your Ruined Holiday

The month of October brings tricks and treats for both dogs and humans alike. These mischief-loving dogs certainly gave their humans a run for their money. 1. This guy who just wanted to get in on the trick-or-treating fun. image1281-e1408121600582-637x852 2. This little one who just couldn't differentiate between a dog toy and a Halloween toy.  20131014_111607-e1383167617463-637x849 3. This pup who thought that pumpkins WERE a Halloween treat. IMG_52491-637x955 4. This dog who just wanted to help with making the decorations festive. image7-637x849 5. This pup who just thinks that sharing is caring. halloween-memphis-637x849 6. This pug who decided that Gingerbread Houses should be a Christmas thing only. IMG_0535-637x424 7. This pup who just wants freedom from clothing. IMG_13471-e1413389356247-637x849 8. This pup who just couldn't help himself -- that tiny pumpkin looks just like a tennis ball! IMG_20141026_164659-637x637 9. This dog who thought that Halloween was only about the candy. That's what they tell the kids, anyway! tumblr_mc40wi6VDY1re4ne0o1_1280-637x852 10. This little pup who just got scared by the Halloween decor. photo19-637x477 11. This pup who wasn't sure how candles are related to Halloween anyway. Isn't that a Hanukkah thing? tumblr_mbhvq5EwP71re4ne0o1_1280-637x849 12. This fluffy dog whose costume no one wants to clean up. tumblr_mbjadg3zb61re4ne0o1_1280-637x852 13. This pup who definitely wins the costume contest. tumblr_mcqhk5gEvI1re4ne0o1_1280-637x442 14. This poor guy who probably didn't deserve this costume. tumblr_mcnx4ucmLU1re4ne0o1_1280-637x849 15. These two pups who confused the decor with a real threat to the house. dogshaming-637x849 16. This pup who's clearly done nothing wrong... that mask is creepy to no end. Blaze_mask-637x358 17. And finally, this woeful pup (just look at those eyes) who wins the prize for #DogShaming on Halloween. photo22-637x853  

Emily Wang

6 years ago

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