20 Instagram Pups Who Want to Be Your Valentine

Written by: Emily Wang

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day! These bachelor and bachelorette pups from Instagram are putting on their best outfits and pulling out their best tricks to get you to be their Valentine. (Main image from 3Bulldogges.)

1. Bowie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi dons a dapper red bow (pun intended) and offers to pour you a huge glass of champagne. How could you say no?

2. Chancey the Australian Shepherd has love written all over his face! He can’t wear his heart on his sleeve, so he chose to wear it over his body instead.

3. Riley the Parson Russell Terrier remembers to freshen his breath before going on a date, and doesn’t fail to impress with a stylish bowtie either!

4. The Pointer Brothers  want to go on a double date with you and have plenty of licks and kisses in store for lots of Valentine’s love.

5. Indie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will take you out for the fanciest dinner yet, if you can find him that is.

6. Mischief the Australian Shepherd  pulled out her frisbee collection (impressive, isn’t it?) so she can take you on a fun, action-filled Valentine’s date.

7. Kovu the miniature dachsund has many outfits to choose from, but went with the simple and sophisticated look with a rose for a romantic touch. Just look at the love and sparkle in his eyes.

8. Wally the Pembroke Welsh Corgi “woofs” you and baked you a homemade heart-shaped cookie to prove it to you.

9. Deeks the shar-pei hound mix set up his own kissing booth to find his perfect Valentine. Don’t forget to tip him with a doggy cookie!

10. Esme the French Bulldog has one simple request for Valentine’s Day. Does she have to spell it out for you?

11. Penny the Poodle says “I couldn’t love you more” with her big puppy dog eyes.

12. Desmond the Golden Retriever spent forever rummaging through the board games in his human’s house to spell out a message for you.

13. Kokoro the American Eskimo Dog has gotten herself a fancy bath and blow-out to look the best for Valentine’s day.

14. Geordi La Corgi is ready for you to fall in love with him and his big beautiful smile this Valentine’s day.

15. Enzo is ready to wine and dine with his valentine!

16. Oscar the sheltie says “I will always ruff you!” He may even share this toy with you if you agree to be his Valentine.

17. Bagel has taken his own creative liberties with Sweethearts and covered himself with love. You can pick any, but regardless you’ll have to say yes to those adorable puppy dog eyes.

18. Gracie the German Shepherd says everyone looks especially dapper through her Valentine’s day glasses. She’ll give you tons of compliments if you agree to go on a date with her!

19. Po the corgi mix doesn’t have a Valentine yet. She will be very happy if someone asks her to be their Valentine this year. She likes the little ones with huge hearts, just like her, but she also loves the gentle giants too. Her human writes, “Do you know someone that could be Po’s Valentine?”
Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.16.56 AM

20. Isn’t Sheldon the most classy border collie and golden retriever mix you’ve ever seen? This handsome boy promises to treat you well and shower you with love and kisses.
Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.15.54 AM

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Written by: Emily Wang

February 14, 2014

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