5 Pet-Friendly Hotels That Are Helping Rescue Dogs Find Forever Homes

Written by: Tiffany White

August 14, 2015

The spoiled, pampered pets who stay at luxury pet-friendly hotels across the globe are going to have to step aside. Millions of rescue pups seeking furever homes are coming to a hotel near you. And guess what? They’re all adoptable.

1. Inn By the Sea (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)


This quaint inn nestled by a lighthouse is not only pet-friendly, it also has a foster-to-adoption program. In partnership with Animal Rescue League of Portland, the inn has a foster dog that roams the inn, greeting guests, going on walks, and receiving belly rubs. Interested guests can adopt the dog on the spot, leaving their vacation not only well-rested but with a new pooch in tow.

2. Aloft Hotel (Asheville, North Carolina and Green Bay, Wisconsin)


Aloft Hotel was already pretty pet-friendly, but they took it to another level with the creation of their pet adoption program. In the program, adorable rescue pups hang around the front desk with “adopt me” vests on. Guests can pet the dogs, walk them, and, hopefully, take them home. The program was launched in its North Carolina location in 2014, and this month will spread to its location in Green Bay, Wisconsin. So far, 38 pooches have found their forever home.

3. Red Mountain Resort (St. George, Utah)


Guests to this resort in Utah can hike up the famous red mountains with a shelter pup as a companion. In partnership with Ivins Animal Shelter, the Pound Puppy Hike program lets guests partner with a shelter pup as they go on a scenic walk. Not only does the program provide exercise and socialization for dogs cooped up in kennels all day, it also gives rescue pups a chance to be adopted once hikers inevitably grow attach to them. Nothing beats warm weather, nice scenery, and friendly dogs.

4. Mardi Gras Casino & Resort (Nitro, West Virginia and Hallandale Beach, Florida)


Greyhound racing is pretty infamous, but at this casino/resort you can take home a retired greyhound through their “Adopt-a-Greyhound” program.


When you visit the resort, either to stay or to play the slots, simply ask an employee how you can adopt a Greyhound. It usually involves an application and a background check, but after a few days you should be able to pick out your dog and take them to their new home.

5. The Westin (La Paloma, Arizona)


This swanky pet-friendly hotel already has plenty of amenities to spoil your dog with, but if you adopt a dog from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona or Pima Animal Control, you can get a free room upgrade when you fax or email them a copy of your adoption papers. From rescue to pampered pup.

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Written by: Tiffany White

August 14, 2015

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