This Revolutionary Rescue Has Kept Over 2,000 Pets Out Of The L.A. Shelter System.

Written by: BarkGood

April 14, 2015

While we at Bark & Co help apawximately 3,000 shelters and rescues group regularly, we like to take some time once in a while — monthly, to be exact — and honor one amazing group as our Shelter of the Month. This April, we’ve chosen…drumroll please…Downtown Dog Rescue, a truly fantastic organization in Southern California that works hard every day to care for pups and hoomans.

A little more about them and why they’re our SOTM!:
At BarkGood, Bark & Co’s dedicated pro-social arm, we focus on lending a paw to all pups and parents and Downtown Dog Rescue embodies this mission. From rescuing and adopting out pups in need…


Before and After: Alfred the senior DDR pup finds a home!

…to building a Shelter Intervention Program that kept over 2,000 pets from entering LA’s shelter system in only nine months (!), they are exemplifying the amazing work we like to support.


  A family reunited with their pup thanks to the Shelter Intervention Program!

If you’re interested to read more about DDR’s Shelter Intervention Program and see the families they’ve saved (like below!), we got you covered here.

So, help us in helping DDR! You can support them in lots of ways and here are a few:

  1. Donate directly to them:
  2. Buy a BarkBox: you’ll get 10% off and we’ll donate $15 to DDR if you use code “DOWNTOWN” at checkout. Click this link and the code will auto-apply:
  3. Shop BarkShop! Use code “DOWNTOWN” at checkout and we’ll donate 10% of your entire purchase to DDR. Click here and the code will auto-apply:
  4. Donate a box from your current BarkBox subscription: let our BarkHappy team know you want to donate a box and they’ll make sure DDR gets it. Contact them at [email protected].
  5. Text to re-order anything you received in your April BarkBox! We are donating 10% of all text-to-order purchases in April to DDR.
  6. Volunteer: Fill out their volunteer application here:
  7. Or just learn more about the amazing things they do:

Featured Image via Downtown Dog Rescue

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Written by: BarkGood

April 14, 2015

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