13 Things Only Dog Loving Clean Freaks Can Understand

Written by: Emily Wang

November 13, 2015

I love my dogs to no end. They’re sweet, they’re loving, and they have taught me so many things in life. They’ve brought me so many close friendships and given me so many new opportunities. I love almost everything about them.

The one problem with dogs? Take the word “clean” and throw it out the window, because you’re never going to have that again. I would consider myself a pretty clean person. I like my stuff to be where it’s supposed to be. I don’t like seeing a layer of filth anywhere in my apartment either. I sometimes even eat finger food with a fork so that my hands don’t get dirty (okay, maybe that’s a little bit excessive, but still). If you’re anything like me,  you can probably relate to some of these things.

1. You have about eight lint rollers stashed away in every spot imaginable.

One in your bathroom, near your closet, in your living room, in your car, in your desk at work… shall I go on?


2. You have quite the collection of vacuums.

That pesky pet hair! Leave it to the Roomba (automated cleaning – woohoo!), hard surface vacuum, carpet vacuum, or upholstery vacuum. Oh, or perhaps a broom or swiffer.


3. You wash your pups’ dishes as often as you do yours. 

Any clean dog person will know that a soapy wash after every meal is the only way to keep things sterile. No one likes a crusty, slimey dog bowl.


4. You have a designated dog area in your home.

This would include any and all dog beds, toys, chews, etc.


5. You’re trying to teach your dogs how to clean up their own toys.

Everything should be in its rightful place! Dogs are smart enough to learn this, aren’t they?

6. You may or may not have tried vacuuming your dog directly before.

Get at the problem at its source, amirite?

7. You have a regimented schedule of when to clean your dog’s toys.

You regularly toss ’em in a pillow case and into the wash because you know dog slobber gets pretty much everywhere in your house.


8. You wipe your mouth immediately after your dog gives you a kiss.

You’re really not trying to be cruel – they’re just trying to show you love – but eckgh gross!


9. Poopy bags.

Sometimes one just isn’t enough. You’ve maybe layered two or three bags together before picking up your doggy’s doo doo.


10. You fantasize about having stark white modern furniture.

It would certainly brighten up the look of your house, but you’re pretty sure they’d only be white for about 5 minutes.


11. Your car has protective seat covers for your dogs.

Because you know it keeps all the dog fur trapped in one space and makes auto detailing and upkeep easy.


12. You either don’t let your dogs on the furniture or cover your sofas with huge blankets.

Sometimes you just can’t resist a cute wide-eyed face asking for a cuddle on the couch… so you do what you can.


13. You appreciate your four-legged personal vacuum cleaners.

Dirty as they may be, you do like when your pups can come on over and lick up all the teeny crumbs that just fell onto the ground from the granola bar you’re munching on.


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Written by: Emily Wang

November 13, 2015

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