Confessions Of A Crazy Dog Aunt

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 14, 2015

Hi my name is Claire, and I’m a crazy dog aunt.

My sister Therese and bro-in-law, Lem, have two adorable, sneaky, naughty, and wonderful rescue Shiba Inus. Remy and Miko came on the scene before Freenie the Chihuahua, so even though I’m 3,000 miles away on the other side of the country, I still dote on them enthusiastically.

remy miko shiba

When Therese and Lem added a baby human to the pack, I came to visit California. Babies are cool, and my niece is the best, but I definitely spent a lot of quality time with my furry nephews. The pups are both rescues— Miko is very shy and retiring, and Remy is a feisty fuzzbutt who’s been known to go on solo adventures around the neighborhood.

remy miko funny shiba

remy glass door

miko in box shibe

The pups even pawditioned to be on several reality shows about dogs! (I would post the totally hilarious video, but they signed a non-dogsclosure agreement. #Hollywood)

shibes family

I compulsively post Shibe videos, photos, and stories on my sister’s Facebook page, and I am constantly emailing her photos of the weirdo fox dogs.

I’ve got a stash of BarkBox and BarkShop toys on my desk right now that I plan to send soon. Every card or gift I send my family is Shiba-themed. Freenie hasn’t met her cousins yet, but I’m interested to see how my sassy Chi will get along with the spunky Shibes.

remy miko FT

To anyone whose pawrents are begging them to add another grandpup to the pack, enjoy the time you get to spend with your dog nieces and nephews. Because when you’re done playing, or it’s time to clean up poop…you can give them back! 😉

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 14, 2015