This Super Easy Piñata Costume Is Guaranteed To Turn Your Dog Into A Party Animal

Written by: Meg Scanlon

May 3, 2016

DIY Dog Piñata Costume 1

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!! Here is a cute way to dress up your pup for the festivities. Make your little buddy this fun and easy piñata costume! It can also double as a Halloween costume if your heart so desires.  Here is the inspiration for this costume.  It’s very adorable and very inexpensive to make.

You Will Need:

– doggie t-shirt

– colorful tissue paper

– hot glue gun

– hot glue sticks

– scissors

DIY Dog Piñata Supplies 1


Step# 1:

Start by cutting the tissue paper into 3 inch strips.  Then cut 2 inch slits into the base of the strips. Repeat until you have multiple strips.  Approximately 10-15 is enough for a medium sized shirt.

DIY Dog Piñata Supplies 2



Hot glue strips onto the t-shirt one by one.  Start in the middle of the shirt and work towards the sides.  Alternate colors to make a pattern or design.

DIY Dog Piñata Complete


Step #3:

Put it on your dog!  Take adorable pictures!  Have your little friend romp around your Cinco De Mayo party and receive endless compliments.

Here is my little Cockapoo, Jack sporting his new outfit! Jack LOVES wearing clothes and is very fashion forward.


DIY Dog Piñata Costume 2


DIY Dog Piñata Costume 3

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Written by: Meg Scanlon

May 3, 2016