11 Dogs Who Made Up Their Own Swimming Strokes

These dogs don't give a pup about your Olympic standards. 1. The Airborne Manatee "Wow such levitation." shibaswimming3XqVGFn 2. The Joyful Otter "I can haz oyster?" dog-floating-on-back-golden-retriever-otter 3. The Gentle Tap "Just getting my toes wet." 4. The Dolphin Stroke "Sorry, humans. Dolphins are the second coolest mammals." dougie-dolphin-with-ben-the-dog-swimming-yellow-lab 5. The Shug Shark + Pug = get it? a-funny-dog-swimming 6. The Floating Fluffball "When human's hand is removed, I shall float like a dainty bit of sea foam!" Teaching puppy to swim 126979167 [bp_related_article] 7. The Double Decker "Always bring a buddy to the deep end." 4+swimming+dogs 8. The Walk On Water I see miracles every day. 9. The Pack Swim #SquadGoals squad goals tumblr_inline_npzrkgD0AZ1tq5e6u_500 10. School of Gold(en) Fish Strength in numbers. dog-dogs-swim-water-Favim 11. The Wild Style "Relax, I know what I'm doing!" dogunderwatertumblr_mtglprGMYJ1stlkgho1_1280
Featured image via Flickr

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago

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