16 Signs Your Biological Clock Is Set To “Dog”

Are your friends all having kids, but you don't see the appeal? Maybe you're not ready for it yet, but you want something to pour your parental urges upon? Sounds like your Dogological Clock is ticking! pup-clock Here are some ways to know before that alarm goes off... 1. Every time you see a dog you squeal with delight. You have to pet it, hold it, take a selfie with it, squeeze it until it liquifies into a puddle of delicious cuteness... dogbaby-selfie Basically, this is you: elmyra 2. You're subtly (or not-so-subtly) dropping hints to your significant other, parents, friends...I mean, look how cute and natural you look holding a pup! bjorn-frenchies-man-copy 3. You always say yes when your friends with dogs ask you to dog sit. You've made a copy of their keys, and you're still sneaking in the house in the middle of the night to cuddle with their dog. That's not creepy, is it? woman-with-dog-baby-crop 4. You've been known to fondle all the cute little clothes at the baby store. When the store employee asks when your due date is, you tell them you're not pregnant, you're shopping for your soon-to-be dog, duh. dogological-clock 5. You go creeping at the dog park all the time...without a dog. giphy (3) 6. You find this picture adorable and totally not ridiculous. peachtree-dog-in-stroller-0691-cute 7. Same for this picture (and yes, this is a dog's room). dog-room-pink-2 8. You've done the math--how much will it cost to own a dog, and will it cut into your wine budget? miss-belle 9. You know they're poop machines. You don't care. dogological-clock-2 10. You are prepared to accept all grooming and bathing responsibilities. dog bath big dog 11. When you hear a dog barking or howling nearby, your heart skips a beat. 3am-dog-howl 12. You spend hours trolling through adorable dog photos on Instagram. You deep dive dog accounts to 79 weeks ago, but unlike stalking your ex's new boo, you don't care if you accidentally like a pic. Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.37.08 PM 13. You're already picking out names for your future dog. dog-name-dogological-clock 14. You truly believe in the superiority of dogs over other humans, and you don't care who knows. dogevxjbqnrowefsfb2bagh 15. And during your daily trips to the shelter, this is what you look like: cute-pug-laughing-lady2744795037_c1d894f74a 16. A toast to all dog parents everywhere! dogological-clock-3 Almost ready? Before you take the plunge, try fostering!

Featured image via @bigworldofblue


Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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