13 Dogs Trying To Wrap Their Teeth Around This Whole Fashion Thing

There are some dogs, like this little guy, who have a penchant for being fashion-forward and rocking the latest styles. 11348086_1660751677470367_441869761_n And there are some dogs who absolutely despise fashion. And they definitely aren't quiet about making that known. 1. This pup who doesn't like winter fashion, nor does he care about your need to keep your head warm. katy 2. This little guy whose priorities clearly align with having fun with toys. The possibility of destroying his human's clothes didn't seem to slow him down a bit. Goosie_Dog_shaming-637x475 3. Thou shall not wear clothes with doggy throw-up on them. gabby-honey-shame 4. "We pups don't wear clothes, so why should you?" image81-637x475 5. It's always a guessing game with this one. Makes it even worse, in our opinion. 5L 6. "Oh you were going to wear those to that fancy dinner tonight? Forget about it." 30fe52881c0f492cf6d83211835dcf1e 7. Fashion, whether on humans or on dolls, should always be destroyed. 16729_10153101224181102_3771705535803557985_n-637x637 8. "No clean clothes for you." cooper 9. This pup clearly hates fashion. Or...does he hate his owner's girlfriend? image128-e1406578016380-637x849 10. Gucci? More like Gu-chew. dog-eating-shoes 11. Boycott clothes to indirectly boycott fashion. IMG_7029-637x477 12. Welcome to FHA. Fashion Haters Anonymous. Your first meeting includes a free shirt to chew on. image14-e1392917599522-637x852 13. That's what he wants you to think... but we all know the real reason. image161-637x477

Emily Wang

6 years ago

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