15 Dogs Who Don’t Care About House Rules. Or Your House.

Oh, dogs. They do everything with such innocence and naiveté, often (unbeknownst to them) causing headaches for us humans. Here are some dogs who are giving their landlords a run for their money, but they really didn't mean to. 1. This pup who just wanted some love from his cousins. ae9bb09687cdf2fbe3ea38b0cd5a0ae9 2. This dog who was just afraid of the random papers suddenly flying in through this hole. 17e40e07d5ed7e705b5534eba329a10f 3. This dog who was just trying to help out.  DogShaming 4. This dog who was just dealing with his feeling of abandonment and sudden panic. Blog-31-Dog-shaming 5. This dog who was just trying to make moving around the house more efficient. doghsaming 6. This dog who was just so so sad and wanted to be with her parents. olivia.sage.the.akk 7. This dog who just wants to be able to look outside. damnit_lament 8. This pup who was really really really sorry he couldn't hold it. reesiethepekepoo 9. This dog who claims this was totally an accident. Oops. her_scoutness 10. This dog who was just really really bored. 35 11. This dog who just didn't see the glass... it's clear after all. stephpaez 12. This dog who didn't know whose shoe it was so it definitely was not on purpose.  jess_tack 13. This dog who was so excited to see his humans that he ripped the screen door. alwilson5 14. This dog who was just trying to help renovate. bella_the_amstaff 15. This dog who is just having a hard time finding the right pee spot. ramona_luvs_brutus

Featured image via @krnmcvy

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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