20 Things Dogs Secretly Do When They’re Home Alone

It's one of life's greatest mysteries: what does your dog do while you're at work all day? Sleep? Redecorate? Throw a party? Well, we trolled spy cam apps, and also perused the Instagram accounts of some pups, and clearly some of these pooches haven't learned a lesson many politicians also fail to pick up: Never put anything on the Internet you don't want others to see. So, world, here's what these four-legged motherpuppers are up to while you're not home. You're welcome. 1. Sleep in your bed. You know, where they're not allowed.  psny 2. Get their jam on. emwng 3. Use your house as a date spot. samsonthedood 4. Check your Internet history. mobibear 5. Learn to read. perrin 6. Relax to the soothing voice of Taylor Swift. rustyrodas 7. Get on the furniture. Also where they're not allowed. thefugee 8. Poke around in the fridge. callie_pip_bella 9. Yoga in peace. samthebully   10. Fall asleep while reading. lillytheaussie 11. Have a Bachelor watch party. izak_the_aussie 12. Do some handywork. tales_with_a_tail 13. Work on their photography. wendyclaypool 14. Try on your shoes. maybelle.mutt   15. Take your car for a spin.   lulu.da.brat 16. Make coffee. operation_sumo 17. Catch up on laundry and house chores.  princess.gracie 18. Try to call you to see when you'll be home. Try. #nothumbs chilberg 19. Raid your closet. jeffersonrande 20. Have an epic bacon party. duncantrussellpug Do you also want to know if your pup is up to shenanigans like these dawgs? Well, spy on them (but nicely) using awesome apps like Camio. That way, you can catch them red-pawed (or just take funny pics of them sleeping in adorkable positions!).
Featured Image via @thefugee

Emily Wang

7 years ago

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