19 Reasons Why Take Your Dog To Work Day Should Be Every Day

Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day, a holiday that celebrates the great companions that dogs make for us. Sadly, not all offices are dog-friendly… yet. Check out these adorable office pups and jot down some of these reasons for why Take Your Dog To Work Day should be EVERY day to bring up at the next company meeting.

1. Who doesn’t want to have a Chief Barketing Officer join the team?

2. We all know that pets can help decrease stress levels. What better place than work to help with that?


3. Pets can help trigger workplace interactions that would not normally take place. They’re pretty great at networking, if you ask me.


4. Nothing beats hanging out at the water cooler and having a chat with the Director of Cuteness.


5. Sometimes these guys can even lend a helping paw when needed at work.


6. This pup works for his own food. #ResponsibleDog


7. If you’re having a bad day, just turn around and look at the furry coworker next to you and it’ll for sure get better.


8. Having dogs at the office is just fun! Who doesn’t want fun?


9. They do their job well as greeters to any clients that may be visiting.


10. Workplace cuteness and employee happiness increase by 150%. 


11. Having dogs at work keeps spirits high and adds a bit of humor to the office. Everyone can use a good laugh once in a while.


12. Pets at work keep the employees more active and less sedentary, which is good for their overall health and well-being.


13. Dogs provide a healthy distraction that actually can benefit work productivity!


14. Nap time at the office doesn’t get any cuter than this.


15. There will always be someone there to finish leftovers at lunch meetings. Free clean up crew!


16. Coworkers’ dogs can help walk your dog when you don’t have the time.


17. Your office chairs will have their own personal butt warmers 24-7.


18. You can have dogs answer the phone for you and say, “HELLO, YES THIS IS DOG?”


19. Sleeping puppies. Nuff said.



Featured image via @suavegustav

Emily Wang

7 years ago