The Ultimate 17 Dog Shames Of Summer

Sometimes, even the most innocent Summer fun can turn awkward...or even disastrous! Here are 17 pups who've become involved in serious Summer bummers. 1. "LOOK, I ARE OSTRICH! BEHOLD MY GIANT EGGS!" jack russell Beachwalks-637x358 2. "I've been eating...watermelon." izzy watermelon dog IMG_20130629_123918-637x477 3. "Don't leave home without dog. Please." :( Emma-637x846 dog in suitcase 4. "What can I say, I have expensive taste." Max-flip-flops-637x849 5. "Look at all the pups I give." doxie hot dog hamburger No-shame-637x849 6. "That wasn't the outhouse?" bulldog pee camping image262-e1392174181323-637x849 7. "Just covering all my bases." german dog bed eater tumblr_ma5s5dRPke1re4ne0o1_1280-637x520 8. "Take me out to the ballgame...or else." Baseball-Buster-637x478 9. "Bacon, bacon, bacon...I'm makin' the moves on're BACON!" bacon fat 10574362_10152148377766065_862998506604022607_n-637x469 10. "Hey, at least I didn't leave floaters." floaties image285-e1392488489613-637x849 11. "...but I did!" pool pooper dog IMG_1065-637x849 12. "Moooooooooooooooooom!" Elton-on-the-Beach-637x955 13. "I got your 'Down Under' right here." yorkie ate map photo-28-637x614 14. "I see your map, and raise you a passport." passport-eater-489x1000 15. "Not in the least bit ashamed of being a bad mutherpupper!" shark dogshaming3 16. "I'm jammin'! What?" dogshaming-651-637x477 jam 17. "But...where did it all go?" golden water afe0fcd0-0a6d-4afe-a723-12e3904e730f-637x852

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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