13 Outlandish Dogbuns That Prove Humans Are Doing Manbuns Wrong

We all know that human trends tend to pour over into the dog world, for better or worse. In this case, we'll let you decide for yourself if you think this one is a good thing. :) That's right. We're talking about manbuns. Celebs like Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio have sported them in recent years. Still, not everyone loves a tousled tower of man tresses. A crew of pranksters recently produced a video that seemingly depicts sneak attack manbun interventions. And iconic former bun-wearer Jared Leto just took it all off for a film role. Exhibit A: a dogbun and manbun co-existing in the wild. dogbun2 Though the style sometimes looks questionable on humans, dogs somehow actually make it look good. (As if there was ever any doubt.)   1. "Such party in the back." manbunshiba 2. "It like, keeps my hair out of my eyes when I'm hiking in Laurel Canyon." manbundogbunspaniel 3. "Yorkies do it better." yorkiemanbundogbun 4. "I asked the groomer for the 'Shia LePouf'." manbundogbunpoodlepoodle 5. "Hay guyz! Am I 'hashtag nailing' it yet?!" manbundogbunbrowndog 6. "Sweater weather goes great with an updo." dogcarwindowmanbundogbun 7. "Now you can see mah bedroom eyez!" manbundogbunpoodle 8. "Just because it's not that big of a manbun doesn't make me any less of a man!" terriermanbundogbun 9. "When you sleep in too late and gotta do your 'do on the go." pombunmanbundogbun 10. "Hey girl, I dig your downward dog. Can I buy you a kale smoothie?" yogadogbunmanbun 11. "Double bun achievement unlocked!" whitedogmanbun Rover 12. "When your hairdresser didn't follow your directions, but you're trying to be nice." schipperkedogbun 13. "Oh I'm sorry...did I just catch you lookin' back at it?" yorkiemanbun  
h/t BuzzFeed
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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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