Dog Turned Away From Service Work Helps People With Disabilities In A Different Way

Ricochet was too much of a free spirit to be a traditional service dog. She loved chasing birds, but couldn’t focus on helping people with disabilities to do everyday tasks. Despite being trained since birth to be a service dog, that life wasn’t to be. So when she climbed onto her first boogie board, her human Judy Fridono knew that Ricochet had a different purpose.



Ricochet now helps amputees, children with autism, and people with various other disabilities to ride the ocean waves on surfboards.


Fridono said:

When we put her on the surfboard it was amazing she could stand up straight and had incredible skill. One day at the beach, she jumped on a surfboard with a 14-year-old boy who had spinal cord injuries. It was that moment that her life purpose to surf with people who are disabled was realized. She’s just such an inspiration to everyone–she’s got such a strong connection to people and we see such improvements in the people who she surfs with.

Oh man, I think I have some gnarly salt water in my eyes. Anyway. Cowabunga, dog dudette!


H/t Daily Mail, Featured Image via Bow Wow Times

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago