17 Classic Hollywood Stars Who Were Just As Dog Crazy As You

1. Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe, a lifelong dog mom, was photographed with dogs of all sizes and breeds. For a lonely foster child who grew up to be the world's most famous sex symbol, a dog was someone to trust when so many tried to take advantage of her. marilyn monroe with big white dog 2. James Dean James Dean was a rebel with a dog. His Border Collie. Tuck, was always hanging around his film sets. A cool dog for a cool dude. james dean and collie dog tuck 3. Brigitte Bardot French bombshell Brigitte Bardot formed an animal rescue foundation after retiring from the movie business. brigitte bardot and dog 4. Marlon Brando Mr. Brando was quite the Dogfather. Here he is relaxing with a weiner. (Actually, his Grandma's dog!) brando with dog doxie 5. Anna May Wong Silent film star Anna May Wong and her (probably not-so-silent) Doxie. anna-may-wong-w-dacshund_final 6. Audrey Hepburn Audrey Hepburn loved and cared for all animals, but especially Yorkshire Terriers! Her first, Mr. Famous, was sadly hit by a car on Wilshire Boulevard, but she owned many more Yorkies into their old age. audrey hepburn yorkie tiffanys 7. Rudolph Valentino Heartthrob Rudy "The Sheik" Valentino broke more than legions of human hearts upon his untimely death. Legend has it that his faithful friend Kabar the Doberman's howls of grief could be heard from miles away, and the dog died of a broken heart not long after. Here are the two in happier times. valentino and doberman dog kabar 8. Grace Kelly Beautiful Princess Grace sure was a Great Dame! grace kelly with great dane 9. Lena Horne Stormy Weather isn't even an issue when you have an armload of puppies like Lena Horne! lena horne with puppies 10. Shirley Temple The only thing cuter than child star Shirley Temple was Shirley Temple with a dog! shirley temple with dog 11. Buster Keaton Silent movie funnyman Buster Keaton clowning around with a friend's Chihuahua pup. buster keaton puppy pocket 12. Eartha Kitt Ms. Kitt may have been known for playing Catwoman, but she was definitely devoted to Mutzi the Poodle! eartha kitt with poodle dog 13. Rita Hayworth Redhead Rita Hayworth's Cocker Spaniel Pookies matches her perfectly! rita hayworth and cocker spaniel 14. & 15. Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart Bacall, Bogart, and Boxer. Bacall_and_Bogart and boxer 16. Elizabeth Taylor One of Liz Taylor's earliest roles was co-starring with the legendary Lassie! She owned many dogs throughout her life. liz-taylor-dog 17. Joan Crawford Joan Crawford with her Doggie Dearest. Say it with me: "NO WIREHAIRED TERRIERS!" Joan-with-doggie-1940
Featured image via Dog Clothes World

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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