11 Fun Outdoor Games You Can Play With Your Pup

Hey, warm weather picnic activities shouldn't just be for the people! Besides, if you keep 'em occupied, less time for them to steal a hamburger. ;) 1. Jump Rope / Double Dutch Hopping for joy! dogsjumpingropegiphy 2. Cornhole "Are you threatening me with a good time?" 3. Three-Legged Race This pup will always win. 3_CATERS_RUBY_THREE_LEGGED_DOG_11-800x498 4. Baseball As American as apple pie and reality television. dog-bulldog-baseball-2-660 5. Frisbee "I got it!" dog-with-frisbee 6. Hacky Sack "Duuuuuuuude." 7. Slip n' Slide "Wheeeeeee!" img0459p-puppy-slip-n-slide [bp_related_article] 8. Volleyball O_O 9. Croquet So civilized! A-game-of-croquet-anyone-the-perfect-sunday-game-of-leisure 10. Tug of War A classic. Three-Dog-Tug-O-War-500x367 11. For the indoor kids... Because not everyone likes to play outside. Yes+i+m+a+dog+yes+i+play+video+games_f8e9d3_4840884
Featured image via Keen K9

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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