13 Intense Emotions Every New Pup Parent Feels In The First Year

Okay, so you didn't carry your new puppy inside of your body for 9 months. (Um, if you did, please email us your story so we can do an extensive profile on your experience.) The puppy probably hasn't shifted your hormones in an intense way. So, is it possible to feel something akin to postpawtum depression? Here are some feelings, thoughts, and conditions you may experience. (This is intended to be tongue-in-cheek. Depression is a serious illness. Please seek treatment if you are having symptoms.) 1. Loss. "My life will never be my own again." a-pile-of-puppies 2. Isolation. "I can't ever leave the house." DSC_0061_3 3. Worry. "I'm going to have to clean up poop. Forever." angry-puppy 4. The Inevitable. "Oh my dog. I know I just got this thing, but life is short and I can NOT handle this reality." 635517867045330009-Leo-sleeping 5. Terminal Uniqueness. "No one knows how I feel. I am clearly the only person to ever feel this way." sadie11351922_1607931406127217_884433797_n 6. Abject Financial Terror. "How am I ever going to afford all of this?" puppy-630x420 7. Sleep Deprivation. Whining. All. Night. depressed bulldog 8. Over-Protectiveness. "DONT TOUCH MY PUPPY." corgi-baby- tumblr_lya63aU3od1r8gwz8o2_1280 9. Irritability. "I KNOW HE'S CUTE. GO AWAY." guy-with-puppy-back-funny-cute-sad 10. Mood Swings. "You are so cute! You ate my motherpuppin shoes!?" puppy-woman 11. Decreased Sexual Desire. "We can't, the puppy's watching!" 120224_Snip_8384 12. Feelings of Inadequacy. "I'm the worst dog parent ever." (We promise, you're doing a great job!) PuppyBitingBrunoBoxerTeethingBone 13. Decreased Concentration. "So. Cute. Cannot work. Cannot pay attention to human conversations." 635673151666352511-Puppy01-HealthPets
Featured image via Kevin Hope

Hope Bobbitt Writer

6 years ago

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