Keep Your Dog Safe With These Crash-Tested & Ranked Pet Carriers

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

August 8, 2015

The Center for Pet Safety, in partnership with Subaru, has recently released the results of a study aimed at finding the safest and best travel pet crates and carriers on the market.


Out of six crates tested, the winner was the G1 Intermediate with 8-inch tie-down straps by Gunner Kennels. The crate retails for a luxury-priced $485. Of course, your dog’s life is priceless. So I guess I’ll be saving my pennies…

daniel bedell CPS-Subaru-Testing-1

Coming out on top for carriers was the PetEgo Forma Frame Jet Set carrier with ISOFIX-Latch connection. The carrier retails for a slightly more reasonable $140-$160.


Sleepypod, makers of the top-performing travel harness, also ranked highly with Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed with the PPRS Handilock.


The products were tested using crash-test technology that determined whether the carrier would contain the pet during the crash and aftermath, and ensure that your pup won’t become a projectile.


When purchasing travel carriers and crates, make sure they’re the appropriate size for your pup. This means 6 inches longer than the pet or less. This helps minimize impact and injury. Your method of connecting the container to the vehicle is also important, as it must stay attached during an accident.


See how your crate or carrier ranks on the CPS’s site.

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h/t USA Today and Parade, Featured image via Amazon

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

August 8, 2015