Serena Williams Ate Her Dog’s Fancy Food Because That’s What Crazy Dog Moms Do

“I wouldn’t feed my dog something I wouldn’t eat myself,” we’ve heard many a crazy dog person say. Don’t get me wrong — here at BarkPost, we fully embrace and celebrate the crazy dog parent. So when we heard that Serena Williams tried her dog’s food, my one question was, “Proof or gtfo.”

Turns out there is proof, thanks to Williams’ Snapchat stories in which she regales us with the tale of how she got a case of the poopies from her dog’s salmon and rice.


Before you clutch your pearls and ask what brand of dog food should be on your sh*t list (pun absolutely intended), this pawticular bowl of noms came from Williams’ hotel room service menu, which caters to rich ass puppers. (Seriously, 15 Euro for some doggy minestrone? Okay.)

doggy room service

Williams tells us peasants that her pup Chip doesn’t pack food for his trips with his tennis-playing mama, which is fine because apparently this hotel not only offered a whole menu just for doggies, they even sent the food to Williams with a fancy spoon. Seems legit, right?


Guys, she got the chocolate squirts. Williams kept updating us throughout her ordeal, telling us how, although Chip seemed just fine, she spent a LOT of time in the bathroom.


She even left a note for any other guests who might want to sample the doggy menu (because we dog people are all the same breed of insane):


Here’s the full Snapchat story from Williams herself:

Moral of the story: If you’re gonna do some crazy dog people stuff, post it online for lulz.

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Featured image via SerenaUnmatched/Snapchat

Nicole Zalat

6 years ago