6 Times We Found The Most Hilarious Dog Stuff On The Internet

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

March 3, 2015

We bring you the craziest dog stuff that we can, from 21 Dogs Who Need To Work On Their Selfie Skills to 10 Dogs Who Know How To Spend Money Better Than Humans

But sometimes we find other dedicated dog lovers who make some pretty doggone good material themselves. The puptastic humor below comes to you from StumbleUpon, which is basically a great collection of neat stuff from all over the internet, from DIY to humor, and much, much more. Just click the links and enjoy!

Here are 6 of the nuttiest doggie exploits we could find. You’re welcome.

1. 9 People You Meet At The Dog Park

Pokes fun at all walks of dog owner, from the under-concerned to the over-protective. You’ll probably encounter a personality or two you’ve met before.


2. These 15 Perfectly Timed Photos Of Dogs Will Blow Your Mind

Each of these shots will definitely make you double take. But you haven’t gone crazy, these dogs pics are just bananas!


3. 24 Things Dogs Do While Their Owners Are Away

You’ve probably come home to a few of these, but most of them are uniquely bonkers… just like some pups we know.


4. Check Out These Pups Kissing To The Best ’80s Power Ballads

Pawssibly our favorite, this list features epic make-out shots of smoochy poochies commemorated with the lyrics of the all-time best 80s power ballads. ♩ ♪ She’s just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world! ♬


5. How To Roll In Something Stinky In 8 Steps

Read this and you’ll laugh instead of cry the next time your dog rolls in something stinky.


6. 10 Best Dogs For Running

Yep. These ten dog breeds have a reputation for being some speedy pups.


Featured image via Colors & Joy

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

March 3, 2015