10 Dogs Trying, And Failing, To Enjoy A Summer Swim

Summer is in full swing, and dogs' dingus factors are in even fuller swing. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a pup attempt to paw his toy out of a pool, but he ends up head-first in the water instead. Here are some incredible dinguses who obviously lose their dignity in the face of a toy. 1. The classic Golden Retriever almost retrieves, so close yet so far. [video width="640" height="366" webm=""][/video]
2. This poor little guy's tiny legs couldn't save him from this tumble. corgi 3. There's not a lot of justification for this one. Dog-Falls-Into-Pool 4. Sometimes, you go swimming whether your want to or not. giphy (1) 5. Little dogs have so much pool dingus. giphy (3) 6. Note to self: If a dog wants to sit on your raft, just let him. giphy (2) 7. Sometimes the existence of water is enough to get a pup pumped. giphy (4) 8. And sometimes you don't even need a full-sized pool for a massive fail. giphy (5) 9. For all the dingus out there, there is some intelligence as well. 10. Nah, who are we kidding, it's all just dingus.
Feature image via @mooncross_tabby/Instagram.

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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