10 Dogs Trying, And Failing, To Enjoy A Summer Swim

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

July 17, 2016

Summer is in full swing, and dogs’ dingus factors are in even fuller swing. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a pup attempt to paw his toy out of a pool, but he ends up head-first in the water instead. Here are some incredible dinguses who obviously lose their dignity in the face of a toy.

1. The classic Golden Retriever almost retrieves, so close yet so far.

2. This poor little guy’s tiny legs couldn’t save him from this tumble.


3. There’s not a lot of justification for this one.


4. Sometimes, you go swimming whether your want to or not.

giphy (1)

5. Little dogs have so much pool dingus.

giphy (3)

6. Note to self: If a dog wants to sit on your raft, just let him.

giphy (2)

7. Sometimes the existence of water is enough to get a pup pumped.

giphy (4)

8. And sometimes you don’t even need a full-sized pool for a massive fail.

giphy (5)

9. For all the dingus out there, there is some intelligence as well.

10. Nah, who are we kidding, it’s all just dingus.

Feature image via @mooncross_tabby/Instagram.

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

July 17, 2016