If Dogs Went Through A Mid-Life Crisis, This Is What They’d Think

1. "What is the meaning of life?" thefugee 2. "Will I ever find out who's a good boy?" fidoloves 3. "Where am I going?" whiskey_theaussie 4. "Whatever happened to that bone I buried?" thefrenchpig 5. "What am I doing?" dearbeta 6. "Maybe I should take a vacation." bordernerd 7. "Why do humans walk on two legs?" wilburs_world 8. "Where does the ball disappear to?" renecharlesnyc 9. "How did I get here?" itsdougthepug 10. "Should I write a book?" buddhabully 11. "Who came up with the idea of bath-time?" bestofzero 12. "Do bacon and peanut butter go together?" ifitwags 13. "One day we will all understand. Some day." emwng
Featured image via @musingsofmia

Emily Wang

7 years ago

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