On-Demand Dog Walking Service Now Available Thanks To Handy New App

Busy pup parents know the deal: long hours at work, class, or life in general. Unless you've got a dog that comes to work with you, your pup might be in the house for many hours without a chance to grab some fresh air or a potty break. Enter Wag!, a new service currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. Wag! is different from other dog walking companies because it provides on-demand services with the tap of a button. The New York Times described it as "Uber for dog walkers." [bp_related_article] Once you've downloaded the app, you can create a customized profile with your pup's basic info, personality, habits, and needs. With a credit card on file, no cash exchange is necessary, streamlining the process. Starting at $20 for a thirty minute walk, the company will soon offer $10 ten minute potty breaks. The service is available seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. wag-dog-walking-service Before walks, clients have the option to meet with a certified, insured, and bonded walker, who's been thoroughly vetted (pun intended) via a long application process complete with background checks. You can even watch your dog's walk through the app's GPS tracking feature! The key exchange process is also simplified with the use of secured lockboxes. Unlike Uber, there won't be surge pricing. Happy pups = happy parents! wag-dog-walk-app Once the walk is complete, you’ll receive a report card with a photo, the distance traveled, a bathroom update and information about how your pup behaved. Download Wag! on iTunes now (the Android version will be out at the end of summer.)
Featured image via Wag!
h/t The New York Times

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago

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