23 Weird Things Your Dog Does That Have Absolutely No Explanation

Science has offered explanations for so many of the bizarre things dogs do: humping, twitching, following. Whatever. But they haven't explained everything! Even the things that have scientific explanations still defy our human reasoning. So here's 23 strange things our dogs do that either need an explanation or some more research. 1. Butt-to-toe contact. weird7 2. Lick. Everything.
3. Urinary yoga.
4. Hiding toys under the couch. weird2 5. Nesting.
6. Figuring stuff out. weird3 7. Ice cubes. Just ice cubes. 8. Strange love. Much acceptance. weird4 9. Making messes... weird5 ...and more messes... weird6 ...until there's nothing left to mess up. weird8 10. Squeak.
11. Socialize. weird9 12. Fart like it's no big deal. soluxairfreshener 13. Be the shadow to your Peter Pan. weird10 14. Sleep anywhere. weird11 15. Get jobs. weird12 16. Toilet gourmet. weird13 17. Twitchcraft.
18. Dress for success. weird14 19. Get their hump on. weird15 [bp_related_article] 20. Judgment? Curiosity? Both? #HeadTilts weird1 21. Sit. Stay. And stare. #Creepy weird16 22. Sleep racing. weird17 23. Vacuum warrior. #SlayTheScreamDragon

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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