18 Gifts That Will Have The Chihuahua Lover In Your Life Squealing With Delight

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 21, 2015

If Chihuahuas are your spirit animal (or you know someone who’s bout that Chi life) this collection of tiny dog inspired digs will have you updating your wish list, stat. It’s always pawsible to take your pup ruv to the next level — especially when you worship tiny wolves. Here you will find one-of-a-kind Chi-themed baubles, apparel, home decor, and more that will wow your favorite Chihuahua people ’til the dogs come home!

1. Elizabethan Chihuahua Pendant, $14

Yas Queen! If your Chihuahua runs sh*t at the dog park, pay her the appropriate tribute with this bossy pendant. These are the perfect baubles for an antique jewelry collector who adores her pup.

queen chi il_570xN

2. Chihuahua Print, $22

There’s always room in your house for more Chi. Whether you need some inspiration in your office or your bathroom needs a pupdate, this elegant Chihuahua illustration by Gingeber is the perfect way to boost your home’s canine decor.

3. Chihuahua ring, $38

Like it? Put a Chi on it. This is the pawfect pup-cessary for the Chi-mama who wants to show off her love for her little beast on the daily. Start every day with a wink from this fluffy face and things will be just peachy!

4. DIY Chihuahua Soap Mold, $18.80

Always wanted to experiment with making your own soap? Why not get a pup start with this DIY Tiny Deer soap mold. Best stocking stuffer ever for a crafty lady who is Chi-cessed.

5. Tiny Sterling Silver Chihuahua Studs, $24

Big ears? Never fear! Adorn them with these silver Chi studs. Another excellent stocking stuffer for a stylish mother of Chi puppers.

full chi studsil_570xN

6. Throw Pillow, $20

A cool graphic pillow for your couch. Or for your Chi to sit on. Show off your love for these dainty beasts without howling “Crazy Chihuahua Lady.”

chi ed bur 8098205_14283695-plwfr2_l

7. Tote Bag, $22

Tote your pint-sized princess in this adorable carry-all. Throw in her treats, blankie, and maybe an outfit change for your daily hound and hooman adventures.

bluechi tote13375202_7993493-bagtote16_pm

8. Chihuahua Ring, $295

The ultimate statement piece for the proud Chihuahua mom. Rock your little furry friend with pride everywhere you go with this sweet custom pup ring. This special treasure would bring a memorable holiday surprise to any gal who holds her Chi close to her heart.

CHI RING il_570xN

9. Sterling Silver Chihuahua Necklace, $99

Gorgeous Chihuahua pendant designed by the amazing doggie designer, Amit Eshel. This delicate necklace will keep your little soulmate close by and bring a smile to anyone you cross paws with.

10. Chihuahua Stationery Cards, $12

Brighten your favorite crazy Chihuahua hooman’s day by sending some Chi snail mail. This lovely mini mutt is darling enough to double as a greeting card and framed print.

chi cards 19961312_7111510-stscrd01_pm

11. Glass Cabochon Stud Earrings, $9.59

You can never have too many Chi prezzies! These fluffy babes will inspire you to get your #browsonfleek every time you wear them.

chi earrings glass il_570xN

12. Spirit Animal Tee, $33

The best tee ever for anyone whose second language is Chi. Throw this on over a pair of black skinnies for a laid back Chihuahua lady look.

13. Chihuahua Phone Case, $13.66

Oh my Chi! Take your iPhone game to another level of adorbs with these cutie patootie pastel poochies.

14. 14 Karat Gold Necklace, $38.92

A guaranteed win for the jewelry ruvin’ Chihuahua mum. The jeweler also offers an engraving option for that extra special touch that will be cherished furever.

chi with heart il_570xN

15. Chihuahua Vogue Phone Case, $35

YASSSSSSS. We can’t even with this fabulous fluffmeister. If you’re as pup-cessed with this print as we are, you can collect all the featured items including a throw pillow, wall clock, tote bag, art print, and more all displaying this feathery, furry Chi.

chi with pearls 4477834_10458359-caseiphone647_pm

16. Chi Greeting Card$4.70

Chihuahuas are naturally chic. This charming Chi greeting card will delight any teacup pup pawrent. Ideal for any occasion and another card suitable for framing.

Chi Greeting Card

17. Chihuahua Scarf$12.99

This fresh and chic infinity scarf will add just the right touch of pup love to any Chihuahua gal’s #ootd.

18. Chihuahua Shoulder Bag, $39.90

We saved the best for last. This bag is EVERYTHING. Really though, with this face latched to your side you will make all the furiends! You’ll never have to worry about having a bad outfit day again.

chi bag il_570xN

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Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 21, 2015

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