12 Must-Haves That’ll Complete Every Dog Lover’s Living Room

We all love our four-legged best buds to no end, so why not express that love with these doggy-inspired pieces of home decor?

1. Cotton Canvas Cube, $60 from BarkShop

Give your dog the thrill of digging his favorite toy out from the bottom of the pile with this stylish collapsible canvas bin.

Canvas Toy Bin

2. Ceramic Dog Planter, $51.95 from Etsy

Who could say no to the adorable little face on this planter? It’ll definitely brighten up your day to see it sitting on your desk or coffee table.


3. Wood Leash Holder, $24.95 from Etsy

Great for keeping your dog’s accessories organized in a cute way.


4. Grid Blanket, $38 from pipolli

Inspired by Piggy & Polly, the most adorable Frenchie duo on Instagram, this super soft reversible blanket is perfect for cuddling with your dog and protecting your furniture.


5. Rustic Doggy Wall Decor, $69 from Etsy

This super sleek and modern handmade piece of artwork is a perfect addition to any living room.


6. Storage Box, $35 from The Max Bone

Perfect for tidying up the doggy toys that are normally scattered across your living room rug.


7. Canvas Pillow, $36 from Etsy

This pillow speaks the truth. A great hand-painted accent piece for any couch, made out of natural canvas and lined for stability!


8. Framed Dog Silhouette Artwork, $32 from Etsy

Simple and minimal, this customizable framed print would perfectly accent any living room wall, either alone or as a set.


9. Modern Doggy Bed, $120 from The Max Bone

This high end doggy bed will be sure to add a splash of elegance to your living room. Made with a removable cover so that it can easily be washed.


10. Striped Dog Teepee, $85 from pipolli

A charming addition to any room, and a perfect little space for your dog. Made to be lightweight and easy to assemble, this chic piece will double as decor for your home and a teeny house for your dog!


11. Silhouette Stitched Pillow, DIY from Earnest Home Co.

Super cute addition to any living room, and the best part is you can make it yourself and customize it to the design of your choice!


12. Metal Dog Bookeneds, $29 from Etsy

Nothing better than this charming, handmade, doggy-inspired piece of decor to use on your book shelf.



Emily Wang

7 years ago