15 Gifts For Humans Who Would Rather Stay Home And Chill With Their Dog

Are you an IRL Liz Lemon? Maybe Bridget Jones could have written your diary? Perhaps you’re more on the adorkable end of the spectrum? Whomever your pawkward hero, here are some gifts for the dog parent who’d rather stay at home on a Friday night with their dog. (Myself included. Pass the Cheesy Blasters.)

1. Snuggie (Dog and Human), $6.99-$54.99

First things first, you and your dog will need something to wear for your big night in.

dog snuggie

2. Dog Print PJ Bottoms, $47

“Elastic waistband.” The two most beautiful words in the English language.


3. Walkers Scottie Dog Shortbread, $48.49 for a case

Would be perfect dipped in a tub of vanilla icing or Nutella! (Plus the company supports the ASPCA!)


4. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Prices Vary

The Ben & Jerry’s office has a team of K-9 to 5’ers, AKA office dogs. Like I needed another reason to stuff my face support their company!

ben and jerrys

5. Shaggy Dog Mug, $15

Liberate your rosé from the box with this adorable shaggy dog mug.


6. Dog Shower Curtain, $68

If you’re going to pretend like you care if the dog watches you in the bubble bath, use this shower curtain to keep prying eyes away.


7. Red Leather Journal With Gilded Dog, $26.91

To hold your hopes, dreams, and maybe a few tortilla chip crumbs.


8. Pug Notebook, $9.42

And here’s one for the memoir, literally.


9. Green Dachshund Hardcover Journal, $20

Last one, swear.


10. Boston Terrier Print, $12.49

You only have each other to blame.


11. Bulldog Mug, $17

An adorable dog-shaped vessel perfect for sipping your morning (and afternoon, and late afternoon) cup of coffee.


12. Embroidery Hoop Art, $40

Shake it off.


13. Big Top Collection Balloon Dog, $45

I’m not sure why you’d want to, but should you decide to pull yourself up off that couch and do a little rearranging, these adorable decorative balloon dogs are perfect for herding your books.


14. Colorful Shadow Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle, $18.95

There are few feelings more satisfying than pushing that final piece into place. Dog-loving loners know what I’m barkin’ about.


15. Homeward Bound DVD, $9.93

One of the greatest movies of all time, hands down. Make any Disney or dog-lovers dream come true this holiday season by letting them relive a little of their childhood. Better yet: kick back, relax, and watch it together.


Featured Image via Zee Daily

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago