12 Delightful Gifts To Spoil The Ruv Of Your Life

Written by: Tiffany White

August 18, 2015

Marriage, dating–all of it is overrated. You know what true love is, and it’s less like Tinder and more like belly rubs. Show your dog how much you love them by spoiling them with these gifts.

1. Doca Pet Orange Wire + Dine Dog Bowls, $67.00

For dogs with long legs, stooping down to eat can be a challenge. Make things easier for them with these adorable raised dog food bowls.


2. The “Joey” Bed, $600

If you wake up every morning kicking your dog out of your bed, the “Joey” bed will correct that problem quickly. These well-designed dog beds are sleek and stylish, with a price tag that will please even the most pampered pup.


3. Canvas Dog Teepee, $88.00

It’s the 2015 version of a luxe doghouse. Classy, cozy and adorable.


4. Polka Dot Bow Tie, $15

Who’s a little gentleman? You are! You are! Turn your rugged dog into a suave debonair with this adorable bow tie that can be clamped on and off easily.


5. Stainless Steel 360 Water Fountain, $100

If you have more than one dog (or just one really spoiled one) this fountain bowl is perfect for continuous, fresh water. Not only does it hold a gallon of water, it also comes with a charcoal and foam filter to keep water purified and clean.


6. Personalized Dog Bandanna, $8

Forget dog collars. The most fashionable way to show off your dog’s name is with a bandanna, and it doesn’t get any more chic than these personalized bandannas made by Etsy user SweetPeas955. Choose your fabric and font for a customized look that’s simply darling.


7. Flirt Pole Exercise Toy, $27.99+

Cats have this thing called a feather stick that you wave back and forth and holds their attention for five hours. Unfortunately, if you give a feather stick to a dog they’d destroy it in five minutes. Fortunately, the Flirt Pole Exercise Toy is made out of strong bungee cord material that’ll last for dozens of play sessions.


8. Luxury Dog Couch, $3,000+

Think this nice couch will look good in your living room? Well butts off, human! This couch is for dogs only. These high-end sofas are so luxurious and expensive, we wouldn’t blame you if you kept it for yourself.


9. “Good Dog” Treat Bucket, $14.95

Someone’s been a very good dog to receive this bucket full of yummy treats. Each bucket comes with one large bag of peanut butter biscuit treats shaped like dog bones. Made out of normal human ingredients, like rice flour and organic peanut butter, you can even eat one yourself…if your dog wants to share.


10. Cool Yule Premium Gift, $100.00

A holiday happy bomb of all their favorite things. What’s NOT to like?


11. Pop Your Pup T-shirt, $39.99

Nothing says “I love you” like your dog’s face plastered across your chest. These t-shirts by Pop Your Pup lets you create Warholian-esque pictures of your dog on any white shirt. Here’s hoping they’ll start making shirts for dogs, too.


12. The Diamond Collar, $30.00

Hey, diamonds are a pup’s best friend too. 😉


Featured image via charliebegood

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Written by: Tiffany White

August 18, 2015

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