14 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Lazy Humans

Reviewed by Emily Wang

March 11, 2016

Some humans are bundles of energy, constantly exercising, being social, and having adventures.

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And some of us are just…not.

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Luckily for us, there are a lot of low-maintenance dogs who would love nothing more than to just hang the eff out. With you. All the time. Here are some of the chillest, coolest dogs you’ll ever meet:

1. Havanese


These gentle pups usually don’t weigh more than 15-16 pounds, and travel pretty well (you know, for trips between the couch and the fridge). Smart and small, a Havanese makes a perfect companion dog, and will happily sit in your lap all day if you let it. Which you obviously will.

2. Pug

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With their smushy faces, curly pig tails, and sassy ‘tudes, Pugs have taken the world by storm. Effortlessly charming and clever AF, a Pug always knows what it wants — and 99% of the time, that’s doing a whole lot of nothing with their human.

3. Chow Chow


Known as the “Fluffy Lion-dog” in China, these snuggly squish balls are loyal, quiet, and independent. Relatively low-energy, Chows happily take to apartment living, and wouldn’t mind if you left them to their own devices once in a while.

4. Old English Sheepdog


These shaggy pups are loving and loyal. A great family pet, they are entertaining and protective of those they love. Once you cuddle up with this furball, you’re not going to want to stop.

5. Bloodhound


These large dogs can weigh up to 110 pounds, but are pretty low-energy and don’t require too much grooming. Although these talented pups are known for their sharp nose and tracking abilities, they’re also happy to hunt down the piece of cheese you accidentally just dropped.

6. Greyhound


Although they can reach speeds up to 43 miles per hour, these dogs are also known as “the world’s fastest couch potato.” Sensitive, timid, and often reserved around people they don’t know, these dogs will never interrupt during an intense episode of House of Cards.

7. English Bulldog


Docile and loving, English Bulldogs tend to be pretty low energy. They’re charming, affectionate, and don’t require a great deal of walking/running. Their preferred method of exercise is cuddling with you.

8. Basset Hound


Sugary sweet and non-confrontational, these goofy pups are blessed with short legs and big ears. By far the most relaxed of all Hound types, this dog tends to be great with children and other animals.

9. French Bulldog


The ultimate companion dog, these flat-faced cuties have exploded in popularity. Despite their Insta-famous dog celebrity status, these sweet pups are just as happy to pose for a photoshoot as they are to stay in on a Friday night. Naturally chill and requiring minimal exercise, their favorite pastimes include snoring on a pillow and snuggling up to their favorite human. (That’s you.)

10. Chinese Shar Pei


Sporting deep wrinkles and a short coat, these pups are devoted, reserved, and fabulously fold-y. Their calm nature makes them some of the best dogs for laid-back people. But be warned: you might lose an entire weekend getting lost in those adorable wrinkles.

11. Irish Wolfhound


Dignified and sweet, these large sighthounds from Ireland are actually the tallest of all dogs. Despite their commanding appearance, these pups are graceful, gentle with children, and very patient.

12. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


These pups often become therapy dogs due to their gentle and affectionate nature. Kind and willing to please, they are perfectly happy with a bit of regular light exercise — a nice walk around the neighborhood or romp in the back yard.

13. Great Dane


Originally from Germany, these majestic dogs are surprisingly one of the most calm breeds out there. These gentle giants are perfectly happy with plenty of space and a nice, comfy bed for napping.

14. Bull Mastiff


Despite its size — weighing up to around 130 pounds — these muscular yet sweet protectors are great family dogs. Not meant for timid owners, these pups thrive in a loving but firm home.

Featured image via @Jonathan Graziano/Facebook

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Reviewed by Emily Wang

March 11, 2016