Puplifting Moments: 15 Under 15 Who Did Great Things For Dogs In 2015

Written by: Katie Kirnan

December 28, 2015

These 15 kids under 15 did great things for dogs in 2015.

Yes, we know that’s a lot of the number 15, but trust us – it’s also a lot of good:

1.10-year-old sends care packages to military dogs.

Kylie Blake is working hard to ensure military dogs have a happy holiday, too. The ten-year-old started a GoFundMe account to raise money so she can send care packages to K9 heroes this season.

kylie blake and dog copy

In addition to being a dog lover (she has two black labs), Kylie wanted to honor her veteran grandfather, who passed away two years ago. To support Kylie’s efforts, you can visit her GoFundMe page here.

2. Incarcerated youth & homeless dogs help each other through Project Pooch.

Project Pooch strives to help two at-risk populations: incarcerated youth and shelter dogs. By caring for, training, and finding families for homeless dogs, program participants grow into responsible, contributing members of their communities.

project pooch pic

Not only did they recently raise $10,000 during a fundraiser, but they’ve inspired other local kids to get involved. Just a couple of weeks ago, seven-year-old Theo Cohen (pictured below) stopped by with his mother to donate money to the program.

theo gives

Now that’s getting into the holiday spirit!

3. Non-profit H.A.L.T. brings together at-risk teens and dogs in need.

H.A.L.T. (Humans and Animals Learning Together) helps at-risk teens by pairing them with shelter dogs for dog obedience training classes. Assisted by volunteer instructors, the teens and dogs work together to learn basic obedience skills. At the end of the program, the pups are adopted into furever homes. H.A.L.T. raised over $500 at a recent gift-wrapping event.

halt gift wrapping

Since the fall of 2012, H.A.L.T. has worked with over 1300 teens and placed over 300 dogs into new homes.

4. Syrian refugee teen walks 300 miles with pet.

When Syrian refugee Aslan fled his home in Damascus for Greece, he took everything he cared about that he could carry. And of course this included his adorable dog, Rose, who he carried for 300 miles despite being told he could not bring his pup with him.

Now that's ruv.

Now that’s ruv.

(Okay, okay, so technically Aslan is 17 years old, but we’re counting it because 1. he was presumably 14 years old at one point, and 2. we think he would’ve done it at 14, too!)

5. Teen inventor of iCPooch appears on Shark Tank.

Brooke Martin originally invented the iCPooch – a smartphone-enabled video feed and snack dispenser for your canine – to help the family’s dog manage her separation anxiety.

icpooch brooke

It’s since impressed tech audiences and everyday consumers nationwide.

icpooch demo

And even though the Shark Tank judges didn’t bite at the tempting product, the iCPooch is available for anyone with a smartphone who wants to stay close to their dog when they have to be far away. (Plus, let’s face it, some of us humans get a little separation anxiety, too.)

6. Mother and 3-year-old daughter nurse Pit Bull back to health.

Sweet Potato was brought into the Silicon Valley Humane Shelter at just 4 months old, but she had accumulated more mange than the staff there had ever seen.

mange pit before

The shelter’s vet, Andrea Berger, took Sweet Potato home and, along with her three-year-old daughter, Lillian, nursed the Pit pup back to health.

pit and lillian

According to Berger, Sweet Potato and Lillian fell in love pretty immediately.

sweet potato after

Thanks to Lillian and her mom, Sweet Potato is looking better than ever, and has since found a furever home!

7. A 10-year-old runs a successful no-kill shelter.

Ken Amante is not your typical ten-year-old. He’s always loved dogs and often fed and cared for strays that he came across near his Phillippines home.


After photos of him caring for such dogs went viral last year, donations began to pour in, allowing Ken to fulfill his dream of owning and operating his very own no-kill shelter.

ken with strays viral

Since then, Ken’s been rescuing, caring for, and finding families for countless homeless pets. Just earlier this month, Ken and his sidekick, Einstein (right), found a stray named Friendster, who was struggling with lice and rashes. After treating him, Friendster is now safe and happy at the shelter.

friendster and ken

Ken – flanked by Friendster (left) and Ken’s helper, Einstein (right) – feed and care for Einstein before bringing him back to the shelter.

8. Disabled twins adopt disabled Pit Bull.

Christmas came early for ten-year-old twins Tianna and Gianna Johnson. But it also came early for a sweet pup named Carmella.

girls and carmelia

Tianna, who is legally blind, and Gianna, who suffers from autism, wanted to rescue a dog, and they instantly fell in love with Carmella, a Pit Bull who struggles to walk due to spinal problems stemming from her early years in a very tiny cage.

girls and camella 2

But the three girls are stronger than ever, especially now that they have each other.

9. 9-year-old boy raises money for police dogs.

Ethan Flint of St. Paul, Minnesota, was inspired to fundraise for police dogs after learning that, unlike their human handlers, the canines were often not outfitted in protective gear like bulletproof vests.

ethan dog 2

Ethan couldn’t bear the thought of the dogs getting injured, so he dedicated his ninth birthday to this cause.

ethan dog 1

By starting a GoFundMe page and putting up fliers around his neighborhood, Ethan and his friends were able to raise more than $1,200 for the police dogs.

10. Cub scout troop builds wheels for paralyzed dog.

cub scout 1

A clever group of Cub Scouts from Troop 513 lent a helping paw to Noah, a one-year-old Beagle/Dachschund mix whose back legs were paralyzed (most likely during a hit-and-run).

cub scout 2

By building the young pup a new set of wheels, Noah is able to run again, and has a new leash on life!

11. Determined girl rescues Beagle from life of laboratory testing.

Eva Brown is just 10 years old, but she’s been fighting for Beagles for a while now! The Salem resident is deeply involved in The Beagle Freedom Project, where she helps raise money to liberate Beagles from animal testing laboratories. One of Eva’s two Beagles, Cate, was one such pup before Eva rescued her.

beagles cate eva

When Eva adopted Cate, she posted this photo on her fundraising page. The sign reads “She is no longer a number. She is Cate,” which refers to the stamped number on Cate’s ear, used to identify the dog when she was a testing animal. Now she’s in her happy furever home!

Eva continues to help other Beagles like Cate. You can visit her fundraising page here to pitch in!

12. Chihuahua burn victim finds loving home with young burn victim.


Twelve-year-old Chloe Levenson adopted Fireman, a six-month-old Chihuahua, after rescuers discovered the pup behind an animal shelter with severe chemical burns to her ears. Fireman underwent treatment for his injuries and eventually had his ears amputated. Chloe herself is a burn survivor after an accident when she was younger. What a lucky pair!

13. California boy sets up lemonade stand to help sick dog.

yorkie dominic

Even though he’d never met Rosie, a Yorkie in need of emergency heart surgery, 11-year-old Dominic Locatelli set up a lemonade stand to raise funds for the dog. Rosie ended up enjoying a successful surgery and now Dominic, who had previously lost his 17-year-old Yorkie, will be adopting Rosie!

14. 8-year-old raises awareness about shelter animals.

boy and dog

Inspired by a visit to an animal shelter, Kenny Lewis decided to raise awareness about the struggles of shelter dogs. His mission was simple: in his own words, “I was sad that all these good dogs need a home and I wanted to do something about it.” He began to make videos to promote local adoption events, with the goal of helping all 150 of the participating animals adoptive families. He plans to continue helping dogs and cats find furever homes throughout the year.

15. Little girl congratulates dog on awesome poop.

And last, but obviously not least:

Because sometimes we all need a little encouragement.

Featured image via HNGN

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Written by: Katie Kirnan

December 28, 2015

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