11 Telltale Signs That You’re A Type B Dog Parent

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

July 26, 2015

The world (or the United States, in particular) loooooves Type A folks. We revere these intense go-getters as the perfect worker. Work hard, play hard, git ‘er done.

Type B’s gets a reputation for being laid back slackers or unmotivated, but the reality is that they’re really slow-and-steady types. It’s not that they take their time, it’s that they find working consistently and with focus is more effective for them than the frenetic and wound-up pace of Type A’s. They’re patient, creative, and collected.

Apparently, Type B personality folks have fewer cases of heart disease! If you’re a Type B pup pawrent you’ll know the importance of taking a contemplative moment with your pup. If this sounds like you, you might relate to this list!

1. You LOVE walking you dog, because you get a chance to paws and breathe.

It’s a great way to free your mind and tap into those great ideas you’re always generating.


2. You enjoy chill moments of simply being with your dog.

Dogs are so uncomplicated! They remind us to stay in the now.


3. You like to get hands-on.

Make your own dog toys? No problem! You enjoy experimenting with recipes for treats, and DIY projects.

baking dog dsc_0097

4. Your pleasant demeanor draws other dogs and people to you.

You’re friendly and open-minded. Your dog plays well at the dog park, and you relate and empathize with other humans.


5. Your good vibes can calm a dog down, no pawblem.

You’re easy going, and you know everything’s going to be okay. Somehow you transmit this energy to your pup!

yoga dog YI5hnAs

6. You’re probably projecting some of your philosophical thoughts on your dog.

What’s the meaning of life? Are the secrets of our psyche, society, and the universe locked inside this puzzle toy?


7. Your house is messy but you know where to find everything!

(Sometimes your dog helps you.)


8. Poop bags? You have a million of ’em!

Oh wait, do you? Using the newspaper you found on the street is considered a creative solution.


9. You’re patient.

With other dogs, your dog, other humans, children…you’re open-minded


10. You have endless creative solutions.

You’re imaginative when it comes to solving problems, and surprise other pup pawrents with your out-of-the-barks ideas.

carving dog tim_honky_studio

11. You’ll always be there for your best friend, and vice-versa.

You know what’s important in life, the smiles and cuddles, and laughs. You’re content and healthy, and your dog is too!


Featured image via Reddit

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Written by: Claire Beaudreault

July 26, 2015

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