These Dinguses Up For Adoption Are Simply Irresistible

Written by: Katie Kirnan

January 28, 2016

What happens when you combine our commitment to dog adoption with our love of dinguses? One amazingly ding-nified collection of photos. We invite you to enjoy, but be warned: by looking at this, you’re going to want to immediately adopt 10 dogs. Brace yourselves accordingly.

1. Duke, Pit Bull Terrier

duke use

Duke boasts what we in the dingus business (ding-ness?) call a “classic” dingus look. But he’s anything but generic. Although only a little over a year old, Duke is exceptionally calm, as well as affectionate and sweet. He loves to play with other dogs and, like any true dingus, knows not to play rough. Duke is happy to cuddle with pretty much anyone, and is great with kids. Not only that, he is neutered and has received his most recent round of shots. He is ready to come home with you today! Visit his BarkBuddy page and Rebound Hounds for details.

2. Astley, Pit Bull Terrier

astley use

Astley also presents with a wonderfully time-honored dingus look. It takes a lot of skill to nail a mid-lick shot like this, but Astley makes it look easy. It’s also easy to fall in love with this Pit Bull Terrier, given her naturally playful and happy disposition. Smart and eager to learn new tricks, Astley enjoys going for walks and exploring her environment. She can sometimes get overexcited, so she would thrive most in a home with experienced adopters.

Astley is excited to meet you! Visit her ASPCA shelter and BarkBuddy page to learn more.

3. Ariel, Labrador Retriever Mix

Ariel 2 use

At 10 years old, Ariel may be a senior, but that doesn’t mean she won’t dress up and have fun. This golden gal (who is not golden at all but rather a black Labrador mix) can be a little protective of her food (I mean, who isn’t?), but is very friendly with people and easygoing with other dogs and cats. (Friendly with cats? This dingus is a saint!).

Ariel use

Oh, and did we mention she loves playing dress-up? Cause she does. For more info on Ariel, check out her BarkBuddy profile and Woodbridge Township Animal Control.

4. Monaco, Pit Bull Terrier

Monaco use

Monaco is a strapping young man who loves to wrassle around with friends and cuddle with family. While he may need a little help learning to play politely, he’s eager to learn and please. Monaco is hoping to find an experienced adopter in a home of adults who can be patient with a young, promising dingus. Meet Monaco at the ASPCA Onyx and Breezy Shefts Adoption Center, and be sure to browse through his BarkBuddy page.

5. Oliva, Pit Bull Terrier

Oliva use

Oliva has that puppy eyes look down to a fine science. But even though she may appear sad, this roly poly dingleberry is a happy and loving dog who enjoys nuzzling, kissing, and taking naps. She’s also great on the leash and gentle with treat-taking (that’s important because, let’s face it, you’d be giving her a lot of treats since those eyes have a 100% success rate). To learn more about Oliva, pay her BarkBuddy page a visit or contact The Brooklyn Animal Care Center.

6. Mina, Pit Bull Terrier

mina adopt use

Mina is a uniquely gorgeous Pit-dingus mix — her soft blue coat is truly one of a kind and perfect for snuggling. She’s also house-trained, affectionate, and obedient. At six years old, Mina has a calm demeanor, although she still knows how to find that inner puppy and be playful. And, like most dinguses, she enjoys a good laugh, as this pink boa picture proves. For more details on this beautiful blue dog, visit her BarkBuddy page or the Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue, where she is currently staying.

7. Ronny, Pit Bull Terrier

Ronny use

With a cute, teeth-just-poking-out expression like that, it’s no wonder Ronny made our dingus list. This sweet boy likes balancing his outdoor life with some serious couch time. Ronny can be chatty, but his shelter’s Behavior team can provide helpful guidelines for his new owner. Ronny behaves well with kids, but is probably best-suited for a home with children eight years and older. To meet this true catch, visit his BarkBuddy page here and the ASPCA location currently sheltering him.

8. Sweetcake, Pit Bull Terrier

Sweetcake use

Sweetcake is, as her name implies, a sweet slice of delicious dingus-ness. This three-year-old is a simple gal — all she needs is a fenced yard, a quiet home, and a never-ending supply of tennis balls, please. Sweetcake is an active dog and would benefit greatly from hiking and other outdoor activities. She knows an impressive amount of tricks and loves riding in the car. Although Sweetcake would make a great companion for any adult, her shelter feels it’s best that she be the only dog in her new furever home so she can receive the attention she needs.

Check out Red Hook Dog Rescue or Sweetcake’s BarkBuddy page for more details about this cute lil’ buddy.

9. Lord Varys, Labrador Retriever

Lord Varys use

Unlike his Game of Thrones namesake, this Lord Varys is a total goofball. He loves people, hugs, kisses, and treats, and is constantly making people laugh. We’re told he even performs an adorable dance whenever he gets excited!

The one thing he does have in common with his TV counterpart? They’re both neutered! This Lord Varys is also micro-chipped and fully updated on all vaccines, unlike the Game of Thrones character (we can only assume). For more details on this lovable dingus, check out Lord Varys’ BarkBuddy page here, and See Spot Rescued, the Jersey City-based shelter in which he currently resides.

10. Lina, Pit Bull Terrier

Lina Adopt use

FIRST of all, Lina is sporting a big flower on her chest à la Carrie Bradshaw circa seasons 2 and 3 of Sex and the City, so that’s really all the information you’d need to adopt this dingusy-yet-stylish pup.

carrie flowers

But if you need more reasons than that, Lina is also an affectionate and friendly Pit Bull Terrier who loves to play! She is hoping for a wonderful home, so check out her BarkBuddy profile page and schedule a time to visit this sweet girl at The Brooklyn Animal Care Center.

big pun in repose use

Behold: a dingus in repose. (This is Big Pun, a teddy bear-like Pit Bull Terrier at Sean Casey Animal Rescue.)

Want to learn more about your local dog adoption scene? Or just feel a need to feed your cute dog urge? Hey, maybe it’s both. Either way, download our awesome and addicting (seriously, it took me three times longer than normal to write this article because I kept drooling over these dogs) Google Chrome BarkBuddy extension.


This extension showcases available and adoptable dogs in your area every time you refresh your homepage or open a new tab. In fact each of the dinguses featured in this article were found on the app. Happy viewing!

Featured image via BarkBuddy/Lina

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Written by: Katie Kirnan

January 28, 2016

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