13 BarkGood Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

January 30, 2016

The BarkGood vertical can be a little misleading sometimes. You read the word “Good” and assume that every story under that heading will be full of joyful reunions, pups saving their humans, heartfelt adoption tales, etc. Although these types of posts are definitely in our wheelhouse, we also cover stories of abuse, neglect, illness and loss.

When we choose to write about these topics, we do so because each has some sort of positive twist. An emaciated, neglected dog gets an amazing new foster family, a handicapped pup overlooked by hundreds finds his furever home with George Clooney’s parents, and more. Every one has a glimmer of hope, inspiration, or the potential to inspire dog lovers to take action. That’s what BarkGood is all about.

Here are 13 of the best BarkGood stories we reported on this week.

  1. Dog trainer Angela Adan pledged her time and expertise to help dogs in need- wherever they may be.


Angela has made it her mission to help homeless dogs find their furever homes. She is travelling around the country offering her training services to shelters, rescues and owners in need. Behavioral issues are a major reasons that dogs enter the shelter system, Angela wants to make that a thing of the past! Check out her story or donate to her mission on BarkGive.

2. A Good Samaritan rescued a dog from freezing to death in Tennessee.

elsa 2

No one knows where the little pup came from, but she definitely chose the right yard to search for help. The homeowner contacted police and rushed the near-frozen pooch to a veterinary clinic for help. Staff have named the brave survivor, “Elsa” after the Frozen heroine, and report that she is recovering well. Read Elsa’s full survival story.

3. A 17-year-old shelter dog finally found the family he deserves, and they adore him!

Rocky 17 Year Old Senior Dog And His Family

There aren’t too many young couples out there willing to take on the added responsibility that comes along with rescuing a senior dog. These amazing folks adopted Rocky knowing that their time together will be short and marked with occasional bumps. They have vowed to fill what’s left of Rocky’s time on earth with love, happiness and comfort.

4. Baltimore community members rallied around a snowbound shelter during Blizzard Jonas

Baltimore Humane Society Adoptable Shorty

Donations poured in and local dog lovers dedicated their time, equipment and services to help the animals of the Baltimore Humane Society survive being snowed in by Jonas. Community members have continually come by to help the shelter dig out and care for the animals- you can find the full story here.

5. Levi the three-legged Pit Bull took a bullet to save his humans.

bravest pittie 4

When a masked man broke into the Stenzel home demanding cash, their 15-year-old pibble, Levi leapt to their rescue. The intruder shot him in the head, but Levi miraculously survived. Believe it or not, this incident isn’t the only drama Levi has lived through! Check out his story here.

6. A police officer took the best selfie ever after rescuing an abandoned pup in need.

pittie selfie

Officer J. Williams discovered a dog tied to a fence with a bag of food, a single toy, and a bowl of water that had frozen solid in the 23 degree weather. He then snapped this adorable selfie of the grateful and thankfully uninjured pup offering smooches! You can learn more about this cutie and the search for the person who abandoned him by reading the full story.

7. Fifty’s famous foster sister, Jane found her furever home.

jane chewing fifty's ears

The epic love story of Fifty the Two-Legged Pit Bull and his precocious foster sister, Jane came to an end this week. And it is the opposite of sad! Fifty’s mom is a rare hero who opens her home to dogs in need, until they can be officially adopted. If you’re worried that Fifty is lonely, don’t be! He has his own permanent sibs, plus a new foster sis to snuggle with!

8. BarkGood editor, Benjamin Moore shared the story of his foster fail, Hans Gruber

Hans Gruber and Ben

Not only is Hans a miraculous mix of Pit Bull and Dachshund, he is also a gunshot survivor! No wonder Ben and his wife couldn’t bear to give him up! Read the full account of Hans’ story here.

9. The amazing staff at Vet Ranch, Inc. showed us what it truly means to be dedicated to your work

Screenshot (174)

The veterinarians at Vet Ranch devote their time and services to helping the animals that need them- whether they get paid or not. Their YouTube channel has over 400,000 subscribers, and their mission has inspired animal lovers all over the world. You can see Momma Dawg and Tig‘s stories by following the links.

10. Kalila transformed from an emaciated, mangy mess to a happy, playful pup ready to be adopted.

before after kalila pic feat collage

A Place to Bark rescue in Tennessee took Kalila in over the holidays. Although it’s been less than two months, she is nearly unrecognizable from the pitiful pooch she was before. To see videos of Kalila enjoying her newfound health and happiness, view her story here.

11. A Golden Retriever named Kenai did her part to rescue an American icon.

dog saves eagle feature

A Minnesota pup alerted her human companions to an injured Bald Eagle this week. With the help of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, they were able to capture the majestic bird and transfer it to a raptor center for treatment. The eagle is expected to make a full recovery, thanks to Kenai!

12. Shy Buttercup was so overwhelmed when she was adopted, she couldn’t fully appreciate her good luck.

timid pibble walk

This sweet, timid Pittie was not adapting well to life in the shelter. Luckily, a human chose her to be his new best friend after only one day! Buttercup didn’t know what to make of all the fuss. Little did she know she was on her way to a safe, warm, happy new life! View the full post here.

13. Two men sprung to action when they witnessed a dog being abandoned.


A man dumped his confused pooch at a Detroit bus stop this week. Luckily, witnesses rushed to the dog’s aid. They contacted the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue and stayed with the Pittie they named “Scratch” until a rescuer came to pick him up. Read Scratch’s story and see the video of his outraged rescuers here.

Featured Image via @Patita_Patita_Adiestramiento/Instagram

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

January 30, 2016

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